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About Danny Parker

Danny Parker is a researcher at the University of Central Florida and also an author, inventor and Zen practitioner. Diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2010, Danny is interested in helping himself and others to live and thrive with that challenge.

Blood Glucose, MGUS, Metformin and Myeloma: Part 2

 Metformin as a Possible Treatment for Myeloma? I first heard about metformin as a possible treatment for multiple myeloma from Dr. Robert Orlowski with MD Anderson, a myeloma specialist, who was a co-author of  a paper on the topic published in The British Journal of Cancer. Generally, as with other cited evidence, the BJC paper [...]

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Muscles for Myeloma: Interleukin-6, Myeloma and Exercise

Join us for Muscles for Myeloma in April by registering here. BY DANNY PARKER While there is no conclusive research showing benefits from exercise to reduce the myeloma tumor burden, the circumstantial evidence from scientific sources is so compelling, that not to tell you about it would seem unconscionable. The available information indicates that exercise [...]

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Diet and Multiple Myeloma (Part 4): Toasting the New Year

BY DANNY PARKER Ironically, one of my best friends on the planet has multiple myeloma too and he knew he had it for two years before I learned about my own errant plasma cells. Strange world department. Anyway, I was about 50 days out from my stem cell transplant and was just feeling generally terrible. [...]

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Diet and Myeloma Part 4: You’ve Got to Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative…

BY DANNY PARKER What does Bing Crosby’s advice in December 1944 have to do with our challenges with multiple myeloma? Sometimes in life, I think that suggestions on what to do to be more successful are less important than knowing about the catastrophic “potholes” that can derail your entire plan. So, in today’s column we [...]

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What To Eat When You Have Multiple Myeloma

BY DANNY PARKER Over the last five years, I’ve examined many facets of diet and myeloma, which I shared with our late friend, Pat Killingsworth. Last year, Jenny with the Myeloma Crowd graciously invited me to share this information with you once more. Rather than send you looking for each segment that I previously composed, [...]

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