Clinical Trial: Ibrutinib with Pomalidomide and Dexamethasone for Relapsed/Refractory Myeloma Patients


Ibrutinib is a new drug being studied to treat myeloma and is a Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase (BTK) Inhibitor. The drug targets BTK, an enzyme necessary for the development of fully functional B-cells. The BTK enzyme is known to be more prolific in cancerous B-cells.  Malignant myeloma cells have increased BTK expression compared to non-malignant cells, so blocking BTK activity in myeloma has been shown to inhibit growth of tumors and release of osteoclast-derived tumor growth factors. Ibrutinib has been studied since the 1990’s and has been used in many clinical trial in the last few years. 

A Phase I clinical trial will study a new drug called ibrutinib in combination with pomalidomide (an immunomodulator) and dexamathasone (a steroid.)

The Phase II study will be divided into two groups for relapsed/refractory myeloma patients:

  • Ibrutinib/pomalidomide/dex
  • Placebo/pomalidomide/dex

There are 5 locations for this trial. 

To find the clinical trial on SparkCures, click here:

Ibrutinib/Pom/Dex Clinical Trial


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  1. Jenny,

    The article states that “Ibrutinib has been studied since the ninties…”, but the next sentence says “A Phase I clinical trial will study a new drug called ibrutinib…”.

    Is this a new drug?



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