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Our Next Show (Fri, June 10, 11A PST): The Excitement Around Checkpoint Inhibitors in Multiple Myeloma with Dr. Don Benson, MD, PhD, Ohio State University


Friday, June 10, 11 am PST, Noon MST, 1 pm CST, 2 pm EST

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Checkpoint inhibitors are the next big thing in multiple myeloma therapy. Cancer cells put the brakes on the immune system so the cancer cells survive. These inhibitors take the breaks back off so the immune system can keep killing the mutated cells. Learn more about this up and coming class of treatments that can be used with existing myeloma drugs. Yet another immunotherapy with great promise in myeloma treatment.

Dr. Don Benson, MD, PhD is Associate Professor of Medicine and Coordinator of Education in the Division of Hematology at Ohio State University. He is a member of the ASCO Committee for Oncology Training Programs, a member of the Ohio State Residency Training Program,  Core Competency Review Committee Member, and Fellowship Candidate Selection Committee member. Recent awards include the Henry Kunkel Society for Immunology 2015,  Champion of Family Medicine Award, Gold Humanism Honor Society, Excellence in Teaching Award, Courage to Teach Award, Professor of the Year and ASCO merit award winner to name just a few.

His research emphasis is specifically in immunotherapy for cancer, in particular multiple myeloma and other hematological malignancies. His  research laboratory conducts basic, translational and correlative projects seeking to recover or augment innate immune function as a means to eradicate cancer utilizing cytokines, antibodies, immunomodulatory agents and novel small molecule targeted therapies. These studies complement therapeutic clinical trials both in the conventional setting and around the stem cell transplant platform which span from small, first-in-human phase I trials to national and coordinating leadership of multi-center collaborative studies.

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