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Our Next Show: Overcoming Pain, Fatigue and Weakness During and After Myeloma Treatment, Tuesday, April 26 @ 1 pm CST


Tuesday, April 26 11 am PST, Noon MST, 1pm CST, 2 pm EST

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myelomaMelanie House, DPT, NCS of the University of Iowa recently presented at Pat’s Myeloma Survival School on physical issues that myeloma patients face before, during and after their treatment. As part of the Muscles for Myeloma series, she will give practical, real-world advice to make life more manageable for patients:


  • How to rebuild strength during and after treatment and how dex and bedrest waste muscles
  • How to prevent falls and improve balance
  • How to manage peripheral neuropathy
  • How to increase endurance
  • How to overcome that “so tired” feeling of fatigue post-treatment
  • What to do about shortness of breath
  • How to decrease back pain, muscles spasms and nerve pain

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