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Our Next Show: Targeting BCMA and T Cells in New Bi-Specific Myeloma Antibody with Anja Seckinger, MD and Dirk Hose, MD, University of Heidelberg, Wednesday, May 24 @ 10 am Central


Wednesday, May 24, 2017 @ 8 am Pacific, 9 am Mountain, 10 am Central, 11 am Eastern Call In by Phone to Listen Live: (347) 637-2631 or Listen Live Via Computer Many patients are familiar with the monoclonal antibodies daratumumab and elotuzumab. These target a specific protein on the surface of myeloma cells. A new drug is in development (called EM801) to target both a protein on the surface of myeloma cells (BCMA) while also activating the immune system’s T cells. This is called a bi-specific antibody, going after two targets at the same time. Learn more about how this approach…

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