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Our Next Show: NAM-NK Cells and Elotuzumab with Veronika Bachanova, MD, PhD, Monday, March 12 @ 2:30 Central


Monday, March 12, 2018 @ 12:30 pm Pacific, 1:30 pm Mountain, 2:30 pm Central, 3:30 pm Eastern Call In by Phone to Listen Live: (347) 637-2631 or Listen Live Via Computer Natural killer cells are the body’s way of eliminating cancerous cells. When a myeloma patient’s immune system is too weak, the natural killer cells can’t effectively do their job to eliminate myeloma. A study is now being done to test donor natural killer cells in relapsed myeloma patients. The natural killer cells are collected from a donor and combined with IL-2 to help them grow and expand. Elotuzumab is used…

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