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Our Next Show: Liquid Biopsies with Irene Ghobrial, MD and Salomon Manier, MD, PhD, Dana Farber, Wednesday, Sept 27 @ Noon EST


Wednesday, Sept 27, 2017 @ 9 am Pacific, 10 am Mountain, 11 am Central, Noon Eastern Call In by Phone to Listen Live: (347) 637-2631 or Listen Live Via Computer Myeloma patients can’t wait until blood-based “liquid biopsies” replace the dreaded bone marrow biopsy. Painful and intrusive, the bone marrow biopsy is today’s “standard” of myeloma testing to determine levels of myeloma disease burden in patients. These biopsies need to be performed at diagnosis, relapse and repeated every so often to determine response to treatment and the genetics of myeloma. Researchers at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Harvard School of…

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