Myeloma Coach: Remain Socially Connected In A Physically Distant World

MYELOMA COACH - July 14, 2020

As cases of COVID continue to fluctuate and rise in many places across the nation we each need to continue to do our part to keep ourselves and our familie... Read More

PEN: Disparities in Myeloma Care on July 29 @ 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm EDT

“Myeloma patients who are African-American and Hispanic typically get to the right treatment much later. In a lot of cases they may not get to the right... Read More

Understanding Myeloma Genetics: Register Now for the Myeloma Crowd Round Table July 25 Interactive Webcast

Knowledge About Your Myeloma Genetics is Essential to Get the Best Treatments and Outcomes   Register Now   Knowing about genetics is not ... Read More

What is CHIP? Genetic Mutations in Older Myeloma Patients Who May be More Likely to Develop a second Blood Cancer or Cardiovascular Disease

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - July 13, 2020

An interesting article was published in the Journal Nature Communications a few weeks ago, authored by a team from Dana Farber Cancer Institute, reminding us of... Read More

How Long Does COVID-19 Immunity Last?

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - July 11, 2020

The biggest question on everyone's mind lately is "If I get COVID will I become immune to it?" Two studies show that once an individual develop... Read More

HealthTree Featured on Outsourcing Pharma News

MC NEWSROOM - July 10, 2020

In an article entitled "Portal matches myeloma patients to clinical care", author Jenni Spinner on Outsourcing Pharma shared how the pl... Read More

Join HealthTree University's Summer School for Multiple Myeloma (and earn rewards)!

HEALTHTREE - July 09, 2020

Summer School Enrollment is Open for HealthTree University! HealthTree University is a comprehensive myeloma curriculum created by our team at the Myeloma Cr... Read More

A Scoring Method to Predict the Risk of Early Infection in Multiple Myeloma patients

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - July 09, 2020

It is a lucky day when stumbling on a myeloma related article that does not take us into the world of molecular biology or investigational drugs. The Journal of... Read More

High Risk Myeloma and the Benefit of Tandem Transplants with Long-Term Revlimid Maintenance

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - July 09, 2020

This is an interesting article to write as I definitely qualify as being someone who lives with ‘high risk’ myeloma (mine is primary Plasma Cell Leu... Read More

HealthTree Research: The Intersection of Psoriasis and Multiple Myeloma

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - July 08, 2020

We are proud to share our first published study from the HealthTree platform! Thank you to all involved patients!  Psoriasis and multiple myeloma a... Read More

A Coaches Perspective: Living Well With Myeloma During a Pandemic

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - July 08, 2020

How I deal with myeloma amidst a pandemic. The first thing is, I trust in the Lord. The next thing is, I follow the COVID-19 rules. The third thing is, I kee... Read More

Cellectis UCART Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trial Placed on Hold

MYELOMA NEWS - July 08, 2020

A Phase I CAR T clinical trial (MELANI-01) by Cellectis, a French pharmaceutical company, was placed on hold by the FDA following a myeloma patient... Read More

CelMoDs: Not Just Another Immmuno-modulatory Drug

MYELOMA NEWS - July 02, 2020

“Not just another immune-modulary drug” These are the words that Dana Farber’s Dr. Paul Richardson uses to introduce us to a new class of d... Read More

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