Our Next Show: Looking Forward in 2022 for Multiple Myeloma with Robert Orlowski, MD, PhD, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Monday, Feb 7th @ 2 pm Central

UPCOMING MC RADIO SHOWS - January 28, 2022

Monday, February 7, 2022 @ Noon Pacific, 1 pm Mountain, 2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern Call In by Phone to Listen Live: (347) 637-2631 or Lis... Read More

COVID Updates for the Multiple Myeloma Patient

A COVID update with Dr. Sundar Jagganath, Mount Sinai and Cynthia Chmielewski, HealthTree University Director   New York City was an early a hotb... Read More

ASH 2021: One Step Closer to Chemo Free Living?

Achieving a prolonged minimal residual disease (MRD) standard after consolidation may raise hope for a chemo-free future for patients who respond well to therap... Read More

Full Show: Engineered Toxin Bodies Targeting CD38 in Myeloma with Shaji Kumar, MD, Mayo Clinic

MC RADIO - January 25, 2022

Shaji Kumar, MD Mayo Clinic Interview Date: January 6, 2022 Thanks to our episode sponsor Summary We are familiar with monoclonal antibodies li... Read More

ASH 2021: New Interferon Alpha Myeloma Therapy for CD38-Refractory Multiple Myeloma Patients

MYELOMA NEWS - January 25, 2022

A new myeloma therapy with the crazy name Modakafusp Alfa (previously known as TAK-573) is showing positive impact for relapsed/refractory myeloma patients... Read More

Finding Free COVID Test For Medicare Beneficiaries

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 24, 2022

The Biden Administration's new mandate that insurers cover the cost of at-home test does not include beneficiaries of Medicare. This is very unfortunat... Read More

Motixafortide: A New Drug to Mobilize Stem Cells Prior to Stem Cell Transplant

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 21, 2022

Many of us, myeloma patients, are familiar with the process to mobilize stem cells [also known as CD34+ cells] prior to harvest (and subsequent infusion after t... Read More

Change is Possible: Achieve your Myeloma Goals in 2022 with the Help of a Myeloma Coach

MYELOMA COACH - January 20, 2022

The start of a brand new year feels fresh and inspiring. It's a clean slate, a new start. It’s no wonder that this is the time many commit to new... Read More

ASH 2021: Health Disparities Related to CAR-T Therapy in Myeloma

MYELOMA NEWS - January 20, 2022

CAR T studies continue to show a common trend of low participation rates of the black community in clinical trials. Blacks are very underrepresented in all... Read More

Full Show: Exploring Innovative Immunotherapy with Drs. Jim Allison and Pam Sharma

MC EVENTS - January 19, 2022

According to Dr. Jim Allison, the key to a cure to cancer can be found not in home runs, but in singles or doubles.  During an intriguing hour-long inte... Read More

Full Show: Tasquinimod As a New Myeloma Therapy with Dan Vogl, MD and Yulia Nefedova, MD, PhD

MC RADIO - January 19, 2022

     Dan Vogl, MD, University of Pennsylvania  Yulia Nefedova, MD, PhD, Wistar Institute Interview Date: January 5, 2022 Thanks to o... Read More

ASH 2021: Remote Monitoring of Symptoms During Myeloma CAR T Therapy?

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 19, 2022

CAR T therapy will become a more broadly available multiple myeloma treatment in the near future, but one of the concerning side effects (cytokine release syndr... Read More

ASH 2021: Using BLENREP in Myeloma Combinations

MYELOMA NEWS - January 17, 2022

Updates on belantamab mafodotin (BLENREP) were presented at the recent ASH 2021 meeting, showing that it could be successfully combined with other standard... Read More

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