Belantamab Mafodotin and CELMoDs Myeloma Crowd Round Table Interactive Webcast on August 22 With Sagar Lonial, MD and Jesus Berdeja, MD


BLENREP™ (Belantamab mafodotin) and CELMoDs: A Newly Approved Treatment and One in Development   Register Now   Research and approva... Read More

Belantamab Mafodotin Receives FDA Approval for Relapsed Multiple Myeloma

GlaxoSmithKline's belantamab mafodotin (commercial name "BLENREP") has received FDA approval for the treatment of patients with relapsed or refrac... Read More

Which Myeloma Patients Have the Best Outcomes? New Study Shows Key Findings.

We hear a lot about high risk genetic features in myeloma, but what about patients who have better-than-average outcomes? In a recent study, it was fo... Read More

Newly Diagnosed? The Myeloma Crowd is here for you!

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - August 06, 2020

Are you or someone you know newly diagnosed with myeloma?  When my husband Richard (pictured above waiting to receive his first Velcade injection) was... Read More

Get Moving for Myeloma! Commit During Blood Cancer Awareness Month to Become More Fit!

MC EVENTS - August 05, 2020

  Join the Muscles for Myeloma Fitness Sept Challenge   Get moving for myeloma! Commit during Blood Cancer Awareness Month (September 2020) t... Read More

Belantamab Mafodotin Teams with SpringWorks Drug to Increase BCMA Expression in Early Myeloma Trial


An early Phase I clinical trial is combining GlaxoSmithKline's belentabmab mafodotin with SpringWorks Therapeutics' nirogacestat with people with re... Read More

A Pandemic Can't Stop Myeloma Coach Vern Van Houten From Walking and Raising Funds for Myeloma Research

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - August 04, 2020

COVID-19 is not about to stop Myeloma Coach Vern Van Houten. Vern set a goal to walk 500 miles in 6 months to raise money for multiple myeloma research to ... Read More

Conquer Magazine: How Real-World Evidence Has the Potential to Shape Real-World Outcomes in Multiple Myeloma

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - July 30, 2020

As seen on Conquer Magazine (special issue sponsored by Takeda Oncology) For patients with cancer, participating in a clinical trial is one way in which... Read More

BMS and bluebird bio Submit Biologics License Application to FDA for CAR T Therapy

MYELOMA NEWS - July 30, 2020

Bristol Myers Squibb and bluebird bio announced their submission for a Biologics License Application (BLA) to the FDA for the approval of the bb2121 CAR T thera... Read More

Sharing your Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis

MYELOMA 101 - July 30, 2020

Being diagnosed with multiple myeloma can be an overwhelming experience.  It’s very normal to be flooded with emotions ranging from sadness, fear, anger, and... Read More

Fenghuang “Frank” Zhan, M.D., Ph.D., Awarded Nearly $3.14 Million to Study Myeloma Genetics and Drug Resistance

MYELOMA NEWS - July 30, 2020

We are thrilled that Fenghuang “Frank” Zhan, M.D., Ph.D., Myeloma Center research director at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (... Read More

Navigating Cancer and Your Finances

MYELOMA COACH - July 29, 2020

Most cancer patients are totally unaware of all of the resources available to help them navigate the complex maze of legal, employment, and insurance systems th... Read More

Reflections on Ten Years With a Myeloma Diagnosis

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - July 24, 2020

This morning I realized it was the 10 year anniversary of my myeloma diagnosis. I spent some time reflecting, feeling grateful and crying. Having myel... Read More

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