The Power of Recovery

MYELOMA COACH - September 27, 2021

The joy of being a Physical Therapist is to trust and share in the miracle of healing. Recovery from cancer and the treatments that comes with it can happe... Read More

Low Myeloma Blood Counts? Use Your Extra Frozen Stem Cells Collected for Transplant!

Patients who are having problems with bone marrow function and low blood counts (also called cytopenia) could benefit from use of frozen stem cells they make ha... Read More

Live Myeloma Crowd Round Tables? Yes! Here’s Why.

The only thing certain about the pandemic is the continuing, seemingly never-ending uncertainty that comes with it.  What you are sure of today might be ve... Read More

Fitness Friday - Self Reflection can bring Motivation in Movement

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - September 24, 2021

Three years ago, I completed my first Ironman. I had years of not only physical training for that event but also mental strength. A lot of that build-up was eve... Read More

Thrive Global: Jenny Ahlstrom 'Optimism'

MC NEWSROOM - September 24, 2021

As seen on Thrive Global.  Thrive Global invites voices from many spheres to share their perspectives on our Community platform. Community stories are... Read More

Meet Us In St. Louis for a Live Myeloma Crowd Round Table!

UPCOMING MC ROUND TABLES - September 23, 2021

Myeloma Crowd Round Tables Are Live Again!  Meet us in St. Louis, MO with six leading myeloma experts on Saturday, October 16, 2021 at the Eric P. ... Read More

IMW: Melflufen/Dex Better for Myeloma Patients Without a Recent Transplant Compared to Pom/Dex

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - September 23, 2021

Melflufen may be best used for multiple myeloma patients without recent stem cell transplant, according to recent findings presented at the International Myelom... Read More

HealthTree University: Basic Genetics and Cancer Biology (Part 2 of 3)

HEALTHTREE - September 23, 2021

Cancer develops when something goes wrong in your cells - these are called mutations. In this HealthTree University series on genetics and cancer biology w... Read More

IMW: Challenges Remain Despite Progress in Myeloma

MYELOMA NEWS - September 22, 2021

“In the relapsed/refractory space, it’s never a zero-sum game.  We need all hands to the pumps in terms of the drugs we have.” Paul ... Read More

IMW: Myeloma Patients Want Diet Advice, But Doctors Aren't Providing It

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - September 21, 2021

Patients want diet advice, but healthcare practitioners aren't providing it, according to a survey run by Dr. Urvi Shah through the HealthTree Cure Hub, a r... Read More

Myeloma Coach Randy Miller: How Staying Active Benefits His Life With Myeloma

MYELOMA COACH - September 21, 2021

Just 15 miles into the Ray Miller 50k in the mountains of Malibu, I’m already feeling fatigued. It’s ok, I reassure myself. It’s my last race ... Read More

Muscles for Myeloma: Why You Can't Out-Exercise a Bad Diet

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - September 20, 2021

It turns out, no matter how hard you try, you can't out-exercise a bad diet. While a recent report from the UK's Academy Royal Colleges describes 30 m... Read More

Multiple Myeloma and the 4;14 Translocation

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - September 17, 2021

We know that there are different types of multiple myeloma, which is why myeloma is called a heterogeneous disease. Approximately 15-19% of multiple myeloma pat... Read More

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