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A New Tool Called HealthTree for Multiple Myeloma Patients Is Coming to the East Coast

The Myeloma Crowd is proud to introduce a new online tool for multiple myeloma patients called HealthTree. Join us at a location below and please RSVP (so we can plan for food).  We’ve spent several years in research and development to launch this revolutionary patient-led community that will both improve myeloma patient outcomes and accelerate research. HealthTree is a tool where myeloma patients own their data and merge it into a collective network with other myeloma patients. As patients enter their data into the HealthTree platform, the system educates them on personally relevant treatment options and clinical trials they can discuss with their doctors. Over time, the collective data of many patients provides more context for patient/doctor collaboration.

With HealthTree, you can:

  • Find personally relevant treatment options
  • Connect with clinical trials that are right for you
  • Accurately track your key myeloma lab values
  • View collective reports about the patient experience
  • Help accelerate myeloma research to find a cure

Sign up to attend a workshop near you to learn more about how you can improve your myeloma outcomes and help accelerate a cure!

Upcoming workshop locations:

8/18 -  Somerville, NJ

8/20 - Orange County, NY

8/21 - New York City, NY

More locations on the East Coast will be scheduled in the future. To request a meeting with your support group, please email us at 

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