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Adaptive Biotechnologies and Sanofi Team Up to Test Isatuximab

A minimal residual disease testing company, Adaptive Biotechnologies, is working with Sanofi to use it's MRD test for patients receiving isatuximab, a new monoclonal antibody targeting CD38.

The clonoSEQ test will measure minimal residual disease for isatuximab patients and help determine the value of MRD testing for those patients. 

“MRD status is being incorporated as an important clinical endpoint to assess response to therapy in patients with multiple myeloma and other lymphoid malignancies,” said Charles Sang, Adaptive’s Senior Vice President, Diagnostics. “We are excited to work with Sanofi on its late-stage MM trials to help demonstrate the clinical utility of achieving MRD negativity in isatuximab-treated patients.”

In multiple myeloma, minimal residual disease testing is a new way to test deeper levels of remission following treatment. Traditional methods of testing could identify complete reponses or even stringent complete responses, but MRD testing can identify numbers of myeloma cells per hundred thousand or even per million cells. 

These residual cells can regrow, causing myeloma relapse. Investigators are learning that there can be a correlation between the number of level of disease burden left after treatment and long-term outcomes. This test can help measure disease burden, determine remission status and detect relapse early. 

The clonoSEQ test uses next generation DNA sequencing to evaluate the genetic patterns of B-cell and T-cell receptors in a single sample. 

Amgen has also collaborated with Adaptive to use the clonoSEQ test and the partnership is the fourth collaboration agreement with other pharma companies. 

To find all myeloma clinical trials using isatuxmiab, a new anti-CD38 monoclonal antibody, click here.

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