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America Walks: A New Study for Fitness

In the spirit of the Muscles for Myeloma program which encourages fitness for myeloma patients, we wanted to share a new study of walking behavior of people in the U.S. by TrialX, the company that supports the Cure Talks myeloma interviews.

America Walks Study is an IRB approved observational study to determine walking behavior of people in America. This is the first study to measure walking activity using mobile phones. It is well known that moderate physical exercise is important for a healthy life and walking 30 mins or approximately 10k steps everyday can be very beneficial. The study would analyze how a participant’s perception of his/her walking pattern compares with actual steps taken, as well as compare participant with co-walkers in their state. The data collected will reveal if walking together with peers in a state would motivate people to walk more as also whether using a mobile app provides that extra encouragement to beat your own walking step scores. The study hopes to encourage greater walking behavior in the U.S. If you need some extra tracking to motivate you  or are already a regular walker, download the app and get walking! (Study ends June 30)

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