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ASH 2018: Poster Sessions at ASH Can Share Some Great Information!

For most of us, we want to be at a football game rather than see pictures of the game.  ASH is much the same when it comes to the Oral vs. Poster sessions.  If you attend some of the many meetings at ASH, even the ones at 7:30 am, the events can be standing room only.  In the Poster Hall during the evening hours, it's completely packed and it's hard to read much of anything, but if you view the poster sessions on the off-hours at a leisurely pace, you can find some really outstanding information.
For example, less is best with Carfilzomib!  Once weekly infusions at a higher dose of Carfilzomib has better Progression Free Survival and Overall Survival than a lower dose at twice weekly.  Infusions can take a long time, so once a week is a patient friendly approach!
Who knew that if you have myeloma taking aspirin can add years to your life?  The myeloma patients who take aspirin live a median of 28 months or over 50% longer than those who do not take aspirin.  

Also you find other tidbits on new off the shelf CD38 CAR therapy using natural killer (NK) cells instead of T cells, which shows some really good activity in vivo.  This includes myeloma which has become Daratumumab refractory.  

And the list goes on and on and on.  I could fill up my iPad with all the pictures I could take of this undervalued part of the ASH program.  I wish ASH would take photos as a service, so we could peruse it at our leisure either before or after the meeting.   ASH is like drinking water from a fire hose.  You will never be able to get it all in!
Gary Petersen
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Gary Petersen - Gary is a myeloma survivor and patient advocate. His work centers around helping patients live longer by helping them to find facilities who are beating the average survival statistics. You can find Gary's site at and follow him on Twitter at @grpetersen1


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