Paula Kay Waller

About Paula Kay Waller

Paula is a myeloma patient who was diagnosed in 2014. As a Myeloma Coach with Myeloma Crowd, she considers it a privilege to walk alongside other patients, sharing information and encouragement.

Muscles for Myeloma: Managing a Healthy Lifestyle with Myeloma—Stress, Sleep, and Optimism

September is Blood Cancer Awareness month and time to focus on how some myeloma patients are developing Muscles for Myeloma. Staying fit is critical for your best myeloma outcomes. Every patient will be different in what they can do, so talk with your doctor, listen to your body and stay as active as you possible [...]

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Minimal Residual Disease Testing in Multiple Myeloma

Where is minimal residual disease (MRD) testing in myeloma headed? At the recent (August 9–11, 2019) Inaugural Plasma Cell Disorder Congress in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Nikhil C. Munshi of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute shared his thoughts about MRD status with attendees.  Advances in myeloma therapy have increased the likelihood of patients achieving a complete [...]

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Imaging Techniques in Multiple Myeloma

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” —Jonathan Swift As a Myeloma Coach for Myeloma Crowd, I recently had the opportunity to attend the Plasma Cell Disorder Congress in Charlotte, NC. Presenters included prominent national and international myeloma physicians and researchers.  In addition, I had the experience of stepping away from "my [...]

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