Our Next Show: Targeting BCMA and T Cells in New Bi-Specific Myeloma Antibody with Anja Seckinger, MD and Dirk Hose, MD, University of Heidelberg, Wednesday, May 24 @ 10 am Central


Wednesday, May 24, 2017 @ 8 am Pacific, 9 am Mountain, 10 am Central, 11 am Eastern

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Many patients are familiar with the monoclonal antibodies daratumumab and elotuzumab. These target a specific protein on the surface of myeloma cells. A new drug is in development (called EM801) to target both a protein on the surface of myeloma cells (BCMA) while also activating the immune system’s T cells. This is called a bi-specific antibody, going after two targets at the same time. Learn more about how this approach by German researchers Anja Seckinger, MD and Dirk Hose, MD of the University of Heidelberg could provide an off-the-shelf immunotherapy for myeloma patients to give myeloma a double punch.

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