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COVID-19 Food Funds for Myeloma Patients Provided by Team Rubicon and Bristol Myers Squibb

Although we are all tired of COVID-19, it continues to affect the United States and myeloma patients need to continue to take precautions to protect themselves. Bristol Myers Squibb and Team Rubicon have partnered to relieve some of the burden on cancer (including multiple myeloma), rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis patients by providing a COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund. 

The program supports patients who are unable to afford or access food or nutritional needs due to COVID-19. Qualified patients will receive a on-time grant in the amount of $500 to cover groceries, food delivery or pick up, and medically tailored meals and can request complimentary delivery of food and other critical supplies directly to their home by one of Team Rubicon's Greyshirt volunteers. 

You are eligible if you: 

  • Are undergoing active treatment
  • Are scheduled to receive treatment in the next 60 days
  • Have been in treatment in the last 6 months

Team Rubicon will provide complimentary and contact-free delivery of food, groceries and critical supplies to your place of residence. 

Patients, caregivers or other members of the care team can apply and eligibility determinations are made during the application process in most cases. 

We hope that qualified myeloma patients can take advantage of this wonderful service. 


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