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Can Daily Exercise Impact Transplant Candidacy for Myeloma Patients?

Jim Bond is a 20-year myeloma survivor. After his third transplant (two auto and one allo), Jim was told that "he was done" and should go to hospice care. Although the odds were against him, Jim decided to enter the first Velcade clinical trial, which helped him live longer. But his fight didn't end there -  Jim was ready for a fourth transplant. Initially the Healthcare Committee said no, and agreed he may not survive the second allo transplant. But after recognizing Jim's diligence to exercise and good health, they changed their minds. Jim had just completed the PAN Ohio bike ride - a race across the state of Ohio. Jim's own doctor said,

"Jim, you would not have made it through this fourth transplant if you hadn’t made yourself get out of bed - even on the days you didn’t want to. If we had more of our patients do that, we’d have more patients recovering quickly."

Fitness matters for myeloma patients who are given treatments based on their fitness levels (fit, unfit, or frail). Patients who are the most fit live longer because they are prepared to access the best treatments, like stem cell transplant and triple or quad therapies. Although some days it may be difficult to get out of bed, Jim Bond is living proof of the benefits of daily exercise - like being able to receive a fourth transplant.

This year, we invite all myeloma patients, family, and friends, to participate in Muscles for Myeloma 2018! A campaign that encourages patients and family members to get active. Pick a local walk, run, bike race, or other event in your area, create a fundraising page and invite your friends and family to support your efforts while they fund myeloma research.


1. Pick an Event – Select from a local walk, bike race, or any other event that appeals to you.

2. Create a Fundraising Page – Once you pick an event, create a fundraising page for you and your team of supporters. 3. Ask Friends and Family to Support Your Efforts – Share your page by email, or on social media, and invite friends and family to be sponsors. All proceeds raised by your team help fund the Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative. Let us build Muscles for Myeloma! We know it can truly make a difference for you, and for your myeloma treatments.

Can Daily Exercise Impact Transplant Candidacy for Myeloma Patients?

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