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Cancer & COVID-19: How a Myeloma Coach can help

As a myeloma patient you may be more prepared for COVID-19 than you think.  Since most individuals with myeloma live with a compromised immune system, you are very familiar with washing your hands again and again, avoiding sick individuals, and taking precautions.  You are likely vigilant in assessing who is coming into your home, and likely already owned a mask to wear out in public.  Before anyone enters your presence you ask yourself, “have they been ill, been around anyone who was ill, and have they washed their hands?”  You are familiar with distancing yourself physically from others, but not emotionally as you know firsthand how important emotional supports are.

Your fight against cancer has likely armed you with emotional resilience and strength.  In a recent article in CURE magazine a cancer patient shared,

“ Surviving cancer teaches you emotional resilience.  Once you have received and navigated a scary diagnosis from tests to treatment, and recover from treatment, your ability to handle ordinary challenges goes up several notches.”

Although the current pandemic is no ordinary challenge, it is this “fighting spirit” that will allow you to face it head on.  It has also prepared you to determine what your risks and resources are and make a plan to move forward.

As you move forward to conquer this new fight, consider sharing your strength, resilience and knowledge with others.  As a Myeloma Coach you can share the skills that have helped you successfully manage your myeloma to empower others to do the same.   Coaches provide encouragement, support and share resources.  Visit our website to learn more or register to become a Coach.

If you are a myeloma patient or caregiver and are feeling alone, isolated or overwhelmed, please find and connect with a Myeloma Coach today.


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Rozalynn Hite
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Rozalynn Hite - Rozalynn Hite is the Myeloma Coach Director and wife of myeloma patient Richard Hite. Rozalynn is an occupational therapist and mother of three beautiful children.


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