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Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist Cathy Skinner's Advice to Myeloma Patients on Battling Fatigue

CEO and co-founder of Thrivors Cathy Skinner was an NCAA volleyball coach for 10 years before she started coaching cancer patients and survivors. Her switch came about after her father was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 20 years ago. She became the first certified cancer exercise specialist in Minnesota.

Through her years of experience and many scientific research studies, Cathy has seen and learned that fatigue can be battled with exercise. Doing something active—even something simple—can greatly boost energy, help sleep, improve digestion, and relieve anxiety and stress. Exercise causes endorphins to be released in the brain. Moving muscles, blood and oxygen give a positive and energetic feel. It also gives an overall sentiment of success and accomplishment, which goes a long way for cancer patients and their difficult journey. For some types of cancer, the disease recurrence can even be reduced if the patient has a greater muscle mass.

Cathy gives us a great at-home resistance workout.

Webinar Replay: Exercises to Manage Cancer Fatigue and Discomfort from Patient Power on Vimeo.

The short and simple workout addresses core, strength and flexibility exercises that can be varied for ability.

Overall, Cathy gives cancer patients this advice: pace yourself, progress with time, don’t overdo it, and get cleared with your doctor—but find a way to be active somehow!

“It’s the journey, consistency, and taking ownership of your own cancer journey. It’s not what you can’t do, it’s what you CAN do."

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