Clinical Trial: New Myeloma Monoclonal Antibody in Phase I Study


A Phase I study is open for an immunotherapy called GBR 1342 — based on Glenmark Pharmaceuticals’ proprietary BEAT technology platform. The drug is designed to activate the immune system by redirecting immune cells toward tumor tissue. It simultaneously engages CD38 and the CD3 molecule on T cells. GBR 1342 is a monoclonal antibody (which is the same treatment family as daratumumab and elotuzumab).

The study will have two parts: 1) Doses will be escalated to determine the maximum tolerable dose and safety 2) An expansion cohort treated at the maximum dose will allow researchers to watch for efficacy for myeloma patients who are relapsed and refractory to today’s myeloma treatments.

The trial will be open at UAMS (Arkansas), Johns Hopkins (Baltimore), Hackensack (New Jersey) and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York).

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GBR 1342 Clinical Trial

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