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Clinical Trial: T-Cell Therapy For Seven Cancers Including Multiple Myeloma

A Phase I study is now open to test the safety and activity of several doses of each patients' NKR-2 cells in seven refractory cancers: five solid tumors (colorectal, ovarian, bladder, triple-negative breast and pancreatic cancers) and two hematological tumors (acute myeloid leukemia and multiple myeloma).

The THINK study (THerapeutic Immunotherapy with NKR-2) is a multinational (EU/US) open-label Phase I study to assess the safety and clinical activity of multiple administrations of autologous NKR-2 cells. The trial will test three dose levels. At each dose, the patients will receive three successive administrations, two weeks apart, NKR-2 cells. The dose escalation part of the study will enroll up to 24 patients while the extension phase would enroll 86 additional patients.

There are 2 active sites for this trial: Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the University of Pittsburgh.

Learn more at the link below:

Cross-Cancer Clinical Trial

To find eligible clinical trials for your myeloma, click the link below: 

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