Clinical Trial: UPENN’s BCMA CAR T Cell Clinical Trial for Myeloma Relapsed/Refractory Patients


CAR T Cell therapy is an important new advance in myeloma treatment. In this immunotherapy protocol, a patient’s T cells are removed via a blood draw. Then their T Cells are engineered to target a specific protein found on the surface of myeloma cells and are given back to the patient.

The  University of Pennsylvania and the NIH have led the way on these trials in the United States both for the CD19 protein (typically not found on the surface of myeloma cells) and the BCMA protein (found on the surface of most myeloma cells).

Currently, a Phase I study is open with the intent to include 27 relapsed/refractory myeloma patients at the University of Pennsylvania. Nine patients have already been treated and higher dose levels have been implemented. The level of BCMA expression can vary by patient, but there is no inclusion or exclusion criteria for this in joining the trial. Note: This trial currently has a waitlist due to patient demand and the time required to customize each patient’s CAR T Cells.¬†

The Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative is funding similar CAR T Cell work targeting BCMA and we are excited to see international progress in these trials.

To learn more, watch the video with Adam Cohen, MD of UPENN and click the link below:

BCMA CAR T Cell Trial



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  1. I am in remission from MM. My oncology-fellow and I have discussed CAR-T cell therapy. She voiced concern because of toxicity issues. Has there been progress in this regard?
    I’m thinking ahead for if/when I relapse. I am not crazy about the idea of a stem cell transplant, would rather get CAR-T. I was told by my current fellow & the one before her that it would come back.

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