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  • James N. Kochenderfer, M.D.

    Position: Investigator at NIH Research Focus: CAR T cell therapy for multiple myeloma. Dr. Kochenderfer was the first to develop anti-BCMA CAR T cells, and his work focuses totally on developing new CAR T-cell therapies and conducting clinical trials of CAR T-cell therapies.  

  • Dickran Kazandjian, MD

    Position: FDA-NCI/CCR Clinical Investigator, Attending Physician, Principal Investigator Research Interests: Dr. Kazandjian is a hematologic oncologist and clinician-scientist whose clinical research focuses on multiple myeloma and its precursor plasma cell dyscrasias (monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (MGUS) and smoldering myeloma). Dr. Kazandjian has a particularly strong interest in identifying high Read more [...]