Jesús San Miguel Izquierdo, MD, PhD

Jesús San Miguel Izquierdo, MD, PhD

Medical Director of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra

Research Focus:
He has had 615 articles published in international magazines, 141 articles in national magazines, and has written 120 book chapters and monographs. He has given over 150 speeches in highly prestigious international institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Erasmus University, Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London, as well as educational programmes for the European Haematology Association, American Haematology Association, and American Society of Clinical Oncology etc.

years treating myeloma: N/A

Number of Myeloma Patients Treated Annually: N/A

Details & contact info

University of Navarra

Clínica Universidad de Navarra Avenida Pío XII 36
PAMPLONA, Spain, Spain, 31008

Phone: 34 948 255 400

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