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HealthTree University: Basic Genetics and Cancer Biology (Part 2 of 3)

Cancer develops when something goes wrong in your cells - these are called mutations. In this HealthTree University series on genetics and cancer biology we take a look at the different types of mutations that happen to trigger cancer growth. You can watch the entire course at

17.05    What is a mutation? Why do mutations occur?


17.06    What are somatic mutations? What are germline mutations?


17.07    What are driver mutations vs passenger mutations?


17.08    What are the different types of chromosomal mutations? (e.g. Translocations, Deletions, Insertions, Amplifications)


We’d like to thank our faculty who donated their time in creating these videos, including:

  • Brian Van Ness, PhD
  • Gareth Morgan, MD, PhD
  • Cesar Rodriguez Valdes, MD

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We have over 300 HealthTree University videos online at! Learn the basics (and the not-so-basics) of myeloma from some of the top myeloma doctors in the world!


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