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HealthTree University: Financial Advice for Myeloma Patients and Their Families (3/3)

Cancer doesn't just affect the body, but your and your family's peace and financial security. We teamed up with Myeloma Financial Coach Diahanna Vallentine to bring you a series of videos to help you make the best decisions when it comes to your finances. You can watch the following HealthTree University videos to learn more about this important aspect of your life. You can watch the entire course at

22.11    The Specifics of Estate Planning


22.12    What is Supplemental Insurance? (And when to buy it.)


22.13    Financial Planning and Budgeting


22.14    Know Your Team


We’d like to thank our faculty who donated their time in creating these videos, including:

  • Diahanna Vallentine

Want more?

We have over 300 HealthTree University videos online at! Learn the basics (and the not-so-basics) of myeloma from some of the top myeloma doctors in the world!


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Cynthia Chmielewski - Cynthia Chmielewski is a professional educator and myeloma advocate. As a former teacher, she now teaches myeloma patients how to advocate for themselves as the Director of HealthTree University.


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