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After many years of research and development, we are launching a revolutionary new patient-led community to improve myeloma patient outcomes and accelerate research. Please join us during our HealthTree national Summer 2018 tour and become part of a growing community of physicians, researchers, and patients collaborating for a cure



HealthTree is a patient-led community effort where myeloma patients own their data and merge it into a collective network with other myeloma patients. As patients enter their data into the HealthTree platform, the system educates them on personally relevant treatment options and clinical trials  they can discuss with their doctors. Over time, the collective data of many patients provides more context for patient / doctor collaboration.

With HealthTree, you can: 

Find personally relevant treatment options

Find personally
relevant treatment

When you’re faced with a treatment decision, use HealthTree to find options you can discuss with your doctor. 

Connect with clinical trials right that are for you

Connect with
clinical trials that
are right for you

Find open clinical trials for your stage of disease that you are personally qualified to join. In conjunction with SparkCures. 

Accurately track your key myeloma lab values

Accurately track your
key myeloma
lab values

Keep track of your disease by entering in your key myeloma markers or let us find them for you.

View collective reports about the patient experience

View collective reports
about the patient

We can find patterns about what works and what doesn’t when we share our experience. View reports of our anonymized collective data. 

Help accelerate myeloma research to find a cure

Help accelerate
myeloma research to
find a cure

Qualified myeloma researchers can access the aggregated HealthTree (de-identified) data to help identify potentially curative strategies.


Join us and learn how HealthTree can help you obtain your best myeloma care.

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If all multiple myeloma is not the same, then what gets us closer to a personal cure? Myeloma is challenging to treat because each patient is unique. Did you know that the newly diagnosed myeloma patient has (on average) five different types of myeloma (or clones) at the time of diagnosis? 

We created HealthTree to help you obtain the right treatment at the right time. HealthTree can help you identify treatment options and clinical trials that may be right for you. This provides you with information you can take to your doctor to have a discussion about critical treatment decisions you need to make.

The shared anonymous data in HealthTree will help researchers come to better conclusions about which treatments are best for each group of patients based on their fitness status, age, prior treatments and myeloma genetics. Over time with aggregated data from our collective patient experience, we will all learn which treatments are providing the best survival, identify patients who are living the longest and help us understand how to replicate their success.  

Launched June 2018 >


Rafael Fonseca“HealthTree provides an innovative solution for patients with multiple myeloma. We hope this support tool will allow patients to be more informed, as they discuss options with their treating physicians. Given that myeloma is not one of the most common malignancies, it is hard for community providers to stay up-to-date on the best treatment options. We hope this tool will provide patients with guidance for further discussion with their physicians and serve as a platform for patient-driven research.”

Rafael Fonseca, MD

Mayo Clinic Scottsdale

Getting the right treatment to the right patient at the right time while taking a patient’s personal preference into consideration is the ultimate goal of healthcare. Positive outcomes can only happen when meaningful discussions transpire based on shared decision making across the entire team. HealthTree will empower patients and care parters with easily accessible tools they need to educate themselves so they can actively engage in these interactions and confidently make informed decisions. “

Cynthia Chmielewski

Myeloma Patient Advocate

eric hansen“I am already planning to present my specialist with the results of my HealthTree options at my next appointment.” 



Eric Hansen

Myeloma Patient

Mike Thompson“HealthTree is an example of a patient-powered interactive software platform that helps empower patients and offers the chance to meaningfuly engage patients in hypothesis generation and discussion of myeloma research.” 

Mike Thompson, MD, PhD

Aurora Health Care

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