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I Can't Wait For A Cure For Myeloma, Can You? If You Can't Give, You Can Still Be A Soldier


I can not wait for a myeloma cure because we just lost a very special person in our IMF support group, and I just want this to STOP. We have a new initiative which is positioned to find a cure for high risk myeloma and I feel it is our best chance for a cure for all myeloma.

One of our biggest issues with achieving our fund raising goals is best described by one the patients who I sent a letter introducing him to the Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative.

He writes:

Thank you for keeping me up to date with your emails and activities schedule. I pray for you all and for the great success of your movement to help find a cure for multiple myeloma!"

I wanted to bring to your attention that I am currently fighting multiple myeloma myself. I was diagnosed in December 2011 with 12-fractured vertebrae and stage-3 disease. I lost four inches of height, endured 32-sessions of radiation treatments, went through 2-stem cell transplants and of course I am still taking the chemo cocktail and doing the Aredia infusions in hopes of strengthening the bones in my back.

Now, I am only telling you this to say that I am obviously sympathetic to your cause! I wish that I could donate and show my financial support. I imagine you would agree, that our fight is not an inexpensive challenge. I would gladly be a "foot-soldier" to ask others to donate but otherwise my pockets are as empty as my cupboards.

I wish you the greatest success. We are warriors in the most dangerous of battles and it is critical that we soldier on. I applaud and salute you. Be safe and be blessed,"

The lesson here is that if you can not give, you can be a myeloma foot-soldier and start your own myeloma fund raising page if you CLICK HERE. However, if you can contribute, you can go to my fund raising page by CLICKING HERE.

Pat Killingsworth, author and myeloma patient advocate, just wrote an exceptional article about this initiative and I highly recommend it. It will help to clarify how important this is to the myeloma patient community. We can do this, we just need myeloma soldiers to "soldier on."

Good luck and God Bless your Myeloma Journey,

Gary Petersen,

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Lizzy Smith
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Lizzy Smith - Lizzy Smith was diagnosed with myeloma in 2012 at age 44. Within days, she left her job, ended her marriage, moved, and entered treatment. "To the extent I'm able, I want to prove that despite life's biggest challenges, it is possible to survive and come out stronger than ever," she says.


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