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IMW 2019: A Vaccine to Extend Myeloma Remissions with Syed Abbas Ali, MD

When should myeloma vaccines be used for patients? Dr. Syed Abbas Ali, MD of Johns Hopkins Medicine tells us that it's usually when there is a low tumor burden, like after stem cell transplant or when patients are on maintenance and their myeloma is under control. 

Dr. Ali shares his Phase II study of a GVAX vaccine post-transplant at the recent International Myeloma Workshop meeting in Boston. This vaccine is for patients who have low risk myeloma or reasonably controlled myeloma. The vaccine is given to patients in combination with lenalidomide (Revlimid). The goal is to prevent myeloma from coming back and to teach the immune system to kill what might be left following traditional therapy. With this vaccine, some patients can experience a deeper remission and have a longer progression free survival. 

Results from the Phase I study were very exciting and the vaccine is well tolerated. Vaccines can be used to improve immune system surveillance and boost immune cell functions. 

Myeloma GVAX Vaccine Study

Learn more from Dr. Ali in this video: 


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