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Karyopharm Donates Free Masks for Multiple Myeloma and Other Patients

Karyopharm, maker of selinexor (XPOVIO) used in myeloma treatment has donated 60,000 medical masks in partnership with the Myeloma Crowd, Family Reach and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The initiative will support some of the most vulnerable individuals impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic through the three patient-focused organizations. 

The Myeloma Crowd will distribute the free masks to verified multiple myeloma, MGUS and smoldering myeloma patients. This generous gift by Karyopharm will help myeloma patients take necessary precautions as they continue to protect their health with procedures they are already familiar with - masking, handwashing, extra disinfection, social distancing and avoiding unecessary trips.  

To receive the free masks, please do the following:

  • Register in HealthTree (
  • Enter your diagnosis (under My Diagnosis) and your address (under My Profile) and a set of 5 sterile sealed masks will be mailed to you automatically.
  • No email or chat requests are needed on your part 
  • Existing HealthTree users with an address already in their profile will automatically be mailed a set of 5 masks.

The Myeloma Crowd will also be distributing the masks to myeloma facilities in dire need of PPE. 


Please Send Me Masks


“With often already compromised immune systems, patients with cancer are one of the most at-risk groups to be impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” said Sharon Shacham, PhD, MBA, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Karyopharm. “As a trusted partner within the cancer care community across the U.S., as well as a leader in the healthcare ecosystem based in Massachusetts, Karyopharm is pleased to be partnering with three amazing patient-centric organizations to help improve the safety of cancer patients, their families, and supporting healthcare workers.”


The Myeloma Crowd is excited to partner with Karyopharm on this initiative to deliver necessary and life-saving personal protection equipment to patients, their families, and healthcare providers. We are impressed with Karyopharm's dedication to improving the lives of patients battling multiple myeloma and other cancers. We hope that together we can continue to help improve the health outcomes for those impacted by this common form of blood cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Karyopharm has also opened a clinical trial for all COVID-19 patients using low dose selinexor to combat the severe inflammatory response seen by those hospitalized. Selinexor may also have anti-viral properties to combat the virus. This clinical trial is currently enrolling patients from across the U.S., Europe, and Israel.


Jennifer Ahlstrom
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Jennifer Ahlstrom - Jenny A - Myeloma survivor, patient advocate, wife, mom of 6. Believer that patients can help accelerate a cure by weighing in and participating in clinical trials. Founder of Myeloma Crowd, Myeloma Crowd Radio, HealthTree and the CrowdCare Foundation.


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- Thanks for the free masks

Reply from Jennifer - You are welcome!

Anne - Patient since May 22/18

Reply from Jennifer - Anne, if you would like free masks, please register here: Fill out your diagnosis (My Diagnosis) and your address (My Profile) and we will mail them to you automatically.

Sonja - Thank you the free masks! What a great blessing!

Reply from Jennifer - You are welcome!

Gordon - Thank you so much for the masks. They arrived yesterday and fit so well. The sides cling to my face without gaps which is important. Thank you!

Livonia - Please send me the masks.

Reply from Jennifer - Liviona, can you please join and enter your diagnosis and your address? That's the only info we need to send them out. Thanks!

Joanne - Hi Jennifer - I just got my masks in the mail and there was postage due of $2.80 on them. I am very grateful for the masks and paid the postage but thought you should know what happened :) It was a bit of a mystery when I got the notice in my mailbox but I was able to go through USPS and figure it out.

Reply from Jennifer - Joanne, yes the post office told us the wrong amount, so some packs got mailed with inaccurate postage. I will send you an additional set with the right postage this time!

Alan - Please send free masks.

Reply from Jennifer - Hi Alan, please register on and add your diagnosis and address and then we will have you on the list!

Susan - Jenny - first of all, you are doing an amazing job and I thank you on behalf of all of us. I have a sufficient supply of masks so no need to send me any. I did try to complete the HealthTree form but under "Other Conditions" there were two options - neither of which fit my other conditions. I am happy to donate my other conditions to anyone who lacks one but instead is there another way to complete this last question? And is the date of birth necessary - month and year is what I filled out. Thank you. Stay well.

Reply from Audrey - Hi Susan! Thank you so much for your kind words! 1) I am sorry about the confusion for the "Other Conditions" section. It's a common confusion so you're not the only one! We only need to know if you have any of the conditions listed, if you don't, there is no further action needed. 2) the date of birth is necessary for validation reasons- especially because as a part of HealthTree we request your medical records (with your permission) and if we don't have the correct birthday, we won't be able to access those medical records. If you have any more questions about HealthTree, you can email and she will be happy to help!

Henry - Can more masks be purchased? The fit and breathability of the masks are fantastic.

Reply from Jennifer - We will provide you more for free. Please make sure you are registered in HealthTree and we have your diagnosis and address. Thanks!

Dr. - Thanks for the generous gift of the masks. I just used my 5th yesterday for an infusion appointment at Johns Hopkins. Is it possible to purchase this particular product anywhere?

paula - I have been diagnosed with MGUS

Reply from Jennifer - Paula, I will have someone reach out to you on the masks. Please create a HealthTree account on and enter your diagnosis and your address. Then we can send you some.



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