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Blood Type and Multiple Myeloma Outcomes

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 13, 2021

Does blood type matter when it comes to multiple myeloma? Turkish researchers shared new data in the Magazine of European Medical Oncology showing tha... Read More

Pesticide Use Linked to Myeloma Precursor Conditions

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 12, 2021

A recent study of male farmers shows that the use of certain types of pesticides are associated with the precursor condition of multiple myeloma called&nbs... Read More

Underweight or Overweight: Myeloma Patients Have the Best Outcomes with Stable, Healthy Weight

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - January 07, 2021

When I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, it was preceded over several years by a 15 pound weight loss. I thought my body was ready to get back to m... Read More

Top 10 Reasons To Get Involved In The Myeloma Crowd Community in 2021

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - December 31, 2020

10. Learn Educated and empowered myeloma patients live longer.  Rather than searching the internet, learn directly from myeloma specialists. Over 75 exp... Read More

Reasons to Relax: How Stress Hormones can Trigger Cancer Regrowth

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - December 30, 2020

We know that myeloma goes away but that it most often returns out of remission. Myeloma experts hypothesize that the treatment kill some but not all of the myel... Read More

What Myeloma Patients Receiving COVID Vaccinations Need to Know

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - December 20, 2020

A friend recently asked if monoclonal antibody therapy such as daratumumab would have a deleterious effect on receiving a COVID vaccination.  Would he stil... Read More

ASH 2020: MGUS in Black Multiple Myeloma Patients

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - December 09, 2020

What risk factors affect the progression of MGUS to active myeloma in the African American population? Kimberly A. Bertrand, ScD from Boston University con... Read More

ASH 2020: A Myeloma Coach's Perspective on Accelerating the Standard of Care

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - December 08, 2020

The scientific excitement emerging from ASH 2020 is significant and for good reason! Thanks go out to the scientists, clinical trial participants and clinicians... Read More

ASH 2020: Managing CAR T Side Effects in Multiple Myeloma

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - December 05, 2020

CAR T therapy side effects are potentially consequential for multiple myeloma patients, but myeloma experts are now more experienced at managing them well, acco... Read More

ASH 2020: Turning Hope into Reality - What to Know and What to Do!

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - December 05, 2020

The American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting is off to a great start! Although the meeting is virtual, the web-based technology is working well, and this y... Read More

ASH 2020: Real World Use of Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) Testing in Multiple Myeloma

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - December 04, 2020

How important is MRD testing for myeloma patients and what are the practical implications of using it in clinical trials as an earlier end-point? This is the qu... Read More

ASH 2020: Myeloma and The Microbiome - The Proven Connection

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - December 04, 2020

At the American Society of Hematology (ASH) 2020 Thursday scientific workshop, Dr. Leif Bergsagel of the Mayo Clinic gave a short presentati... Read More

COVID-19 Isolation Precautions for Immunocompromised Patients

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - December 03, 2020

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) has modified Covid-19 quarantine recommendations on December 2nd, 2020. The updated recommendations can be summarized as fol... Read More

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