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How the Build Back Better America Bill Addresses the Costs of Medicines & Care for Medicare Beneficiaries

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - December 02, 2021

The Build Back America Bill that has been on everyone's lips is now headed to the Senate where it still faces a battle for approval. But what is all the tal... Read More

Help Us Make Change in Myeloma Research Today on #GivingTuesday

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - November 30, 2021

Help us make Change in Multiple Myeloma Research Today on #GivingTuesday Please help us reach our matching grant of $200,000 for a total fundraise of $400,00... Read More

One Patient’s Motivation: BBC Profiles Jenny Ahlstrom

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - November 28, 2021

“It took me eight years to get up to speed on myeloma, and that’s not fair for other patients.”            ... Read More

One Week From #GivingTuesday - The Largest Donation Day of the Year!

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - November 23, 2021

  Donate to Myeloma Research on #GivingTuesday   The holiday season is just around the corner, and we invite you to kick it off with us one w... Read More

CAR T Treatment and Infection Risk in the Age of SARS Cov-2

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - November 18, 2021

An article titled “State of the CAR-T: Risk of Infections with Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy and Determinants of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Responses&r... Read More

Being a Non Medical Personal Assistant - A Myeloma Caregiver’s Story by Cliff Johnson

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - November 13, 2021

BY CLIFF JOHNSON In October of 2020, my wife Sherrie was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Neither of us had ever heard of this disease, but after investigati... Read More

Healing the Body and the Soul: Becoming a Patient Again

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - November 05, 2021

I was in the clinic recently getting an infusion when another patient in a seat nearby seemed like he wanted to talk. Bob approached me, saying he recognized me... Read More

Myeloma Numbers: More and Less Than They Seem

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - November 04, 2021

Myeloma patients are obsessed by numbers.  If you’re a patient or a caregiver, you know what I mean.  More accurate numbers provide reasons for ... Read More

My Perspective and Life with Multiple Myeloma - By Christopher L. Clarke (Chris)

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - October 28, 2021

2021 – Cancer wasn’t something I was ready to hear..!! My name is Chris Clarke and I live in Kentucky.  Home of the Bluegrass Music, Kentuck... Read More

My Myeloma Story by Yvonne Gillette

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - October 19, 2021

Finding The Diagnosis I thought I was in close to perfect health at age 66 until one summer morning I woke up, tried to get out of bed, and “yikes... Read More

What About Attitude - Jim Lubinsky's Story

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - October 19, 2021

It has been proven many times that the impact of mental stress will influence the body's health. Stress definitely impacts the immune system's ability t... Read More

Multiple Myeloma Patient Colin Powell Dies of COVID-19 at 84

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - October 18, 2021

Collin L. Powell, former Secretary of State and multiple myeloma patient, died today at age 84 of complications of COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated.... Read More

Your Skin and Multiple Myeloma

LIFE WITH MYELOMA - October 15, 2021

Multiple myeloma isn't typically associated with skin concerns or lesions, but some myeloma patients have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma after a skin ... Read More

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