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Mambo For Multiple Myeloma Or How To Improve Awareness, Save Life, and Fund Research

BY GARY PETERSEN Everyone knows how successful the Ice Bucket Challenge has been for ALS, and I was one of the thousands who took the challenge and contributed.    If you want to see a grown man yell you can see my replay if you CLICK HERE. Most people have heard of ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease, even before the Ice Bucket Challenge. Now after the challenge, they are on their way to obtaining $100 million or more to help to find the cure for ALS. ALS has 5600 newly diagnosed each year, however Multiple Myeloma has 23,000 newly diagnosed each year and 95% of people have never heard of the disease. One in five patients die within the first 2 months of diagnosis, mainly from a delayed diagnosis and lack of knowledge about myeloma.   Dana Holmes is determined to duplicate the success of ALS for myeloma and has just recently started a challenge called Mambo for Multiple Myeloma. Dana, all of us with this disease thank you for your efforts to bring awareness to the general population, and to provide a method to fund research for a cure.  Like I mentioned to you, I would sky dive for myeloma, if it in any way could help to promote a cure, and move our  average life expectancy beyond the current 4 years.  You can participate in the Myeloma Mambo Challenge if you CLICK HERE. Here's how it works:

  • Have you, friends or family take videos of their dance moves in honor of myeloma research - any kind of dance move works!
  • Mention that it is for Multiple Myeloma  (we don't want it confused with melanoma)
  • Challenge other friends to do the same
  • Upload your video to You Tube and tag it as Mambo for Multiple Myeloma, then share it on the Mambo for Multiple Myeloma Facebook Page
  • Donate to one of the great myeloma organizations below

There is no "right" dance move and interpretive dance is welcome. Do it as a group, go solo or take a dance move selfie and post. Can't do a video? No problem! Just take a dance move photo and post it to the Mambo for Multiple Myeloma Facebook Page. Want to help spread the word? Help raise myeloma awareness by "liking" the page and sharing it. You can find all "Mambo for Myeloma" You Tube videos here. DO WE SEE A MAMBO FLASH MOB FOR MULTIPLE MYELOMA AWARENESS IN OUR FUTURE ?? Do your dance today and choose one of the MULTIPLE MYELOMA research foundations/organizations who are trying to find the cure! THE CROWDCARE FOUNDATION - THE MULTIPLE MYELOMA FUND THE INTERNATIONAL MYELOMA FOUNDATION (IMF) The IMF InfoLine 800-452-CURE (2873) MULTIPLE MYELOMA RESEARCH FOUNDATION (MMRF) MMRF Patient Support Center (866) 603-6628 MMRF General Information & Donations (203) 229-0464 MMORE FOUNDATION Good luck and may God Bless your Cancer Journey.   For more information on multiple myeloma survival rates and treatments CLICK HERE and you can follow me on twitter at:

Gary Petersen
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Gary Petersen - Gary is a myeloma survivor and patient advocate. His work centers around helping patients live longer by helping them to find facilities who are beating the average survival statistics. You can find Gary's site at and follow him on Twitter at @grpetersen1


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