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Researchers Find that Aerobic Exercise Can Reverse Aging Effects

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - April 15, 2020

According to an article recently posted on Inverse, “as people age, they lose muscle mass and the risk of heart disease, dementia, and reduced immune... Read More

Muscles for Myeloma Fitness Challenge, April - May 2020

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - April 09, 2020

Join the NEW Muscles for Myeloma Fitness Challenge! Challenge starts this Friday, April 10 and runs through Friday, May 29 (the day before our Virtual Race... Read More

Muscles for Myeloma: Strategies to Avoid Stress Eating

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - April 06, 2020

Stress eating is real and with today’s COVID-19 situation,  we’re probably all doing it. Dr. Joshua Richter of Mount Sinai joked that inste... Read More

Muscles for Myeloma March Fitness Challenge: Results and New Challenge

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - April 06, 2020

At the beginning of the March we started a fitness challenge within the app MoveSpring to encourage myeloma patients and caregivers to be more active.... Read More

The Importance of Exercise and How it Can Relieve Stress

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - March 31, 2020

Recently I read an article that said dealing with “a disease such as cancer is often one of the most stressful experiences of a person’s life. Cop... Read More

Join us Saturday, May 30 for the Muscles for Myeloma Virtual Race!

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - March 30, 2020

Each year the Myeloma Crowd hosts the Muscles for Myeloma 5K and 1M Race in Columbus, Ohio. All proceeds from the event are donated to fund multiple myeloma c... Read More

Exercise During A Pandemic—Back to the Basics

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - March 19, 2020

It’s probably for the best to avoid gyms, yoga studios, community swimming pools, or anything of that sort during the unprecedented time of COVID-19&mda... Read More

Muscles for Myeloma – Together We Are Stronger - March 2020

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - March 12, 2020

March is Multiple Myeloma Awareness month! We know how crucial health and fitness can be for  myeloma patients, so this month we are encouraging patients... Read More

Muscles for Myeloma: The Relationship Between Exercise and Immune Function

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - March 11, 2020

In the past, there have been controversies regarding the efficiency of our natural body immunity and activity levels. There have been "reports" of v... Read More

Muscles for Myeloma Hiking Event: July 17-18 at Zion National Park, UT

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - March 10, 2020

Register Today Join us July 17-18 as we invite patients, family and friends to join us on a scenic hike through the world-famous Zion National Park and The N... Read More

Muscles for Myeloma: Doing Something Is Better Than Nothing

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - March 03, 2020

March is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month. Join us for the 20 minute per day fitness challenge (with prizes!) from now until March 31st. Join the Muscles ... Read More

Join our Muscles for Myeloma Fitness Challenge! Register Today for a March 1 Start.

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - February 20, 2020

Join the Fitness App Challenge Join us this March as we build "Muscles for Myeloma" through a special fitness challenge! The goal is to encourage YOU, patien... Read More

What is the Muscles for Myeloma Program?

MUSCLES FOR MYELOMA - January 31, 2020

Muscles for Myeloma is a campaign promoting fitness for multiple myeloma patients. Because fitness levels determine possible treatments, it is critical that pa... Read More


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