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Multiple Myeloma and the 4;14 Translocation

MYELOMA 101 - September 17, 2021

We know that there are different types of multiple myeloma, which is why myeloma is called a heterogeneous disease. Approximately 15-19% of multiple myeloma pat... Read More

What to Ask Your Doctor at Your First Multiple Myeloma Appointment

MYELOMA 101 - October 08, 2020

If you've just been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, your head is probably swimming. For most of us, myeloma is a disease we haven't heard of befor... Read More

How Pomalidomide Works to Kill Multiple Myeloma

MYELOMA 101 - September 23, 2020

The immunomodulators (thalidomide, lenalidomide and pomalidomide) are a staple class of drugs regularly used in myeloma care. Pomalidomide is often used on... Read More

Response Definitions After Myeloma Treatment

MYELOMA 101 - September 14, 2020

When your doctor tells you that your multiple myeloma is "in remission", what exactly does that mean? Myeloma experts divide patients into differ... Read More

What to Eat if You Have Multiple Myeloma

MYELOMA 101 - August 11, 2020

There aren’t any proven diets to treat multiple myeloma. However, there are specific nutritional strategies that you can use to treat common symptoms, tha... Read More

Sharing your Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis

MYELOMA 101 - July 30, 2020

Being diagnosed with multiple myeloma can be an overwhelming experience.  It’s very normal to be flooded with emotions ranging from sadness, fear, anger, and... Read More

What is a Neutropenic Diet for Multiple Myeloma Patients?

MYELOMA 101 - March 05, 2020

Myeloma patients can become "neutropenic" during some myeloma treatment, especially during the first 30-days of stem cell transplant. Being neutrope... Read More

Why all Multiple Myeloma Patients Need a Myeloma Specialist

MYELOMA 101 - March 04, 2020

As the founder of the Myeloma Crowd, I have the opportunity to talk with myeloma patients several times per week and I love the chance to provide them with ad... Read More

Signs and Symptoms of Multiple Myeloma

MYELOMA 101 - February 07, 2020

Multiple myeloma is not a hard disease to diagnose if you know what to look for, but the signs and symptoms are very generic and may be easy to ignore. Suzanne ... Read More

How is Active Multiple Myeloma Defined?

MYELOMA 101 - January 23, 2020

How is active myeloma defined?CRABIn the past, multiple myeloma was defined by four important "CRAB" features: Calcium, Renal, Anemia, and Bone Lesions. Each of... Read More

What are Myeloma Crowd Round Tables?

MYELOMA 101 - January 10, 2020

Myeloma Crowd Round Tables are day-long patient education meetings with top myeloma experts. Each meeting is focused on assisting patients and caregivers in mak... Read More

What is the Myeloma Coach Program?

MYELOMA 101 - January 10, 2020

MYELOMACOACH.ORG   January is National Mentoring Month which is the perfect month to highlight our Myeloma Coach program! The Myeloma Coach prog... Read More

What is the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Meeting?

MYELOMA 101 - December 04, 2019

There are around 120,000 people in this country living with multiple myeloma. About 32,000 of those were diagnosed within the last year. It’s unders... Read More

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