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Financial Resources That Do The Work For You

MYELOMA COACH - January 13, 2022

Keeping up with resources that can help find financial assistance can be a challenge, especially when your treatment may change often. Fortunately, there are re... Read More

ASH 2021: Financial Toxicity & Myeloma

MYELOMA COACH - January 06, 2022

The financial impact of myeloma treatment and medication is high (due to cost, combinations and extended treatment time). These costs often have devas... Read More

ASH 2021: The Importance of Self Advocacy

MYELOMA COACH - January 06, 2022

Self advocacy in myeloma is essential.  Each individual's presentation, type, and progression of myeloma is unique.  Myeloma doesn't exist alo... Read More

New Surprise Billing Laws Went into Effect on January 1st: What Does This Mean for You?

MYELOMA COACH - January 06, 2022

Healthcare in the United States is and will still be very expensive. In fact, it is 80% more than the second-most–expensive in a tiny country, L... Read More

ASH 2021: Getting to the Truth Through Studies

MYELOMA COACH - December 28, 2021

One would assume with every chemotherapeutic agent added to the post-transplant regimen, we would see improvements in the duration of response.  But that&r... Read More

ASH 2021: The Seemingly Eternal Question in Myeloma Treatment

MYELOMA COACH - December 20, 2021

Do myeloma patients still need autologous stem cell transplants (ASCTs) given all the progress in other treatments?  That was the unspoken question I kept ... Read More

ASH 2021: Daratumumab a Potential Treatment Option High Risk MGUS & Low Risk Smoldering Myeloma

MYELOMA COACH - December 20, 2021

Daratumumab (brand name Darzalex) is a targeted monoclonal antibody that binds to CD38, a protein that is present on the surface of multiple myeloma cells ... Read More

ASH 2021: The Experts Debate use of Immunomodulatory Drugs vs. Proteasome Inhibitors for First Relapse

MYELOMA COACH - December 18, 2021

Recently at ASH, Drs. Saad Usmani and Jonathan Kaufman debated if the addition of proteasome inhibitors to anti-CD 38 treatment was optimal for standard risk, f... Read More

ASH 2021: Wellness - Yours and Your Doc's

MYELOMA COACH - December 18, 2021

For the first time, I entered the world of social media at the ASH conference. Guided by Myeloma Coach Valerie Traynham, I set up a Twitter account and she conn... Read More

ASH 2021: Key Trial Confirms Impact of Daratumumab

MYELOMA COACH - December 17, 2021

The addition of daratumumab (dara) produces a profound enhancement in myeloma therapy that even improves over time according to an update of an important study ... Read More

ASH 2021: Digital Health Tools for Myeloma Patients

MYELOMA COACH - December 13, 2021

Abstracts selected for poster sessions at the American Society for Hematology annual meeting represent important, novel information in the field of blood cancer... Read More

ASH 2021: Effectiveness of mRNA COVID Vaccines for Myeloma Patients

MYELOMA COACH - December 13, 2021

The amount of information presented at ASH21 is incredible! As I wandered though the exhibition hall where the researchers present their studies and conclusions... Read More

ASH 2021: Update on Talquetamab (Plain English Version)

MYELOMA COACH - December 12, 2021

Last year at ASH, I studied and learned more about a new bi-specific antibody drug called talquetamab.   This year, among the several bi-speci... Read More

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