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Understanding Medicare's Oncology Care Model

MYELOMA COACH - October 18, 2021

Some of you may have received a letter from your oncologist notifying you that your oncologist is participating in a program called the Oncology Care Model. Thi... Read More

Through the Patient Lens-On Your Mark, Get Set.....

MYELOMA COACH - October 14, 2021

Editors Note:  This article was written by guest authors: Jessie Daw and Rob Weker.   The viewpoints in this article belong to the authors and do not... Read More

Physician & Coach-Key Members of Your Healthcare Team

MYELOMA COACH - October 14, 2021

When faced with a diagnosis of myeloma, following a few key steps can make a significant difference including finding a myeloma specialist, and finding a Myelom... Read More

Delaware, A State of First in Regards to Cancer

MYELOMA COACH - October 07, 2021

Delaware is known to be the state of firsts. Some of them are good and others not good at all. For instance, it is known as the first state because it was ... Read More

Medicare & Myeloma: Important Financial Updates

MYELOMA COACH - September 29, 2021

As a Financial Coach with the Myeloma Coach program, I am in frequent contact with myeloma patients and caregivers, especially regarding their financial concern... Read More

The Power of Recovery

MYELOMA COACH - September 27, 2021

The joy of being a Physical Therapist is to trust and share in the miracle of healing. Recovery from cancer and the treatments that comes with it can happe... Read More

Myeloma Coach Randy Miller: How Staying Active Benefits His Life With Myeloma

MYELOMA COACH - September 21, 2021

Just 15 miles into the Ray Miller 50k in the mountains of Malibu, I’m already feeling fatigued. It’s ok, I reassure myself. It’s my last race ... Read More

Myeloma Coach Kenny Capps Uses Fitness to Keep Moving Forward with Myeloma

MYELOMA COACH - September 15, 2021

Editor's note: this is the second article in a two-part series sharing Kenny Capp's incredible experience running 1200 miles to inspire others with... Read More

Financial Fitness: Steps to Get In Good Financial Shape

MYELOMA COACH - September 10, 2021

Current Financial Health Illness It seems that we are being deluged daily with environmental, public health, economic and political issues that continuously ... Read More

Meet Myeloma Coach Kenny Capps: How Fitness Favored His Life and Lifestyle

MYELOMA COACH - September 09, 2021

Who Am I? My name is Kenny Capps. Beginning on April 1, 2018, I ran nearly 1200 miles across the state of North Carolina on the Mountains to Sea Trail in 54 ... Read More

Mary's Marathon: How Myeloma Coach Mary Sage Keeps Moving

MYELOMA COACH - September 06, 2021

I lived an active life, well active enough for a desk-bound person! I have a list as long as my arm of the stuff I used to do when I was able. I taught aer... Read More

Fighting Fatigue? Low Intensity Exercise Can Help

MYELOMA COACH - August 26, 2021

Myeloma Coach Beth Travis, PT, MS recently shared ways to conserve energy at home and work to help prevent fatigue. Simply having myeloma causes fatigue. The... Read More

The Many Benefits of Life Insurance- Part 2: How It Can Be a Lifesaver to You, Your Wallet and Your Family

MYELOMA COACH - August 18, 2021

Last week,  I reviewed different types of Insurance: Term and Permanent Insurance policies. This week I'm going to examine the benefits and options of ... Read More

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