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Meet Myeloma Coach Heidi Thomas: Knowledge is Power

MYELOMA COACH - July 22, 2021

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2014, I had never heard of the disease and I had no idea where to turn.  I was young with three kids aged 13,... Read More

Facility Fees: Ways to Avoid Paying for this Hidden Expense

MYELOMA COACH - July 21, 2021

Did you know that when you visit your doctor, you may be paying more for the visit than you anticipated? And, it all depends on where you saw your doctor. I&rsq... Read More

Balance Part 2: Where to start and how to improve

MYELOMA COACH - July 15, 2021

Balance and core stability are key for individuals living with myeloma to prevent falls or injuries. This is the second article from guest contributor... Read More

Medical Prescription Cards: What They Are and How To Best Use Them

MYELOMA COACH - July 08, 2021

  Recently I went to the pharmacy to fill a new prescription and was told that it wasn’t covered under my insurance and that the cost was going to... Read More

Myeloma Coach Courtenay Thompson Shares Her Experience with Dara FasPro

MYELOMA COACH - June 30, 2021

Experts have called daratumumab a game-changer in the treatment of multiple myeloma. For me, it was a life-changer. When I was diagnosed four years ago at age 5... Read More

The Patient Advocate Foundation: Take Advantage of the Financial & Insurance Resources

MYELOMA COACH - June 24, 2021

There are many resources that are available to help cancer patients. Most of us are aware of the American Cancer Society, Leukemia Cancer Society, and many othe... Read More

Tools for Good Balance and Fall Prevention for Myeloma Patients

MYELOMA COACH - June 17, 2021

Statistically, multiple myeloma is more prevalent in the older population.  Age alone brings about many changes in health.  A diagnosis and treatment ... Read More

Medical Bills, Collections and Your Credit Score

MYELOMA COACH - June 09, 2021

Many people don’t realize that their credit report may contain medical bills in collection that can seriously effect their credit score. Even if you&rsquo... Read More

Real Life Clinical Trial Experience from Myeloma Coach Howard Luehrs

MYELOMA COACH - June 02, 2021

Hi. My name is Howard. I was diagnosed with smoldering multiple myeloma in May 2016. My myeloma became active in October 2018.  In between these dates I di... Read More

Filing an Insurance Claim Appeal: The External Review Process, Part 2

MYELOMA COACH - May 26, 2021

Editors Note: This is part two of a series of articles on this topic. This information is a follow up to the article, Filing an Insurance Claim Appeal: The... Read More

Mental Health & Myeloma: Let's Talk About It

MYELOMA COACH - May 25, 2021

May is mental health awareness month.  Mental health is often not discussed openly due to negative stereotypes.   Some struggle with mental healt... Read More

Meet Myeloma Coach Angela Perez

MYELOMA COACH - May 19, 2021

After experiencing significant unexplainable bone pain Angela Perez was diagnosed with multiple myeloma at a young age.   She worried and wondered if ... Read More

Filing an Insurance Claim Appeal: The Internal Review Process- Part 1

MYELOMA COACH - May 11, 2021

It isn’t at all unusual to find yourself having to file multiple appeals for insurance bills. Especially, with ongoing treatment. Or if you find your... Read More

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