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The Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative

Because we “Can’t Wait for a Cure”, we created a research initiative to find and fund the best, innovative research with high-risk patients in mind. Today, these patients respond initially in the same way as standard risk patients initially but cannot sustain long term remission times. They are desperately in need of new options. After a call for proposals to myeloma investigators worldwide, we received 36 responses from top specialists at renown facilities. We selected two immunotherapy proposals to fund that look exciting for high-risk patients as well as standard risk patients: Dr. Hermann Einsele and Dr. Michael Hudecek from the University of Würzburg  in Germany for their CAR T Cell research using BCMA and CS1 and Dr. Ivan Borrello at Johns Hopkins for his work on T Cell immunotherapy called MILs combined with stem cell transplant. To date we are almost halfway to reaching our overall $500,000 goal by raising $230,000 thanks to generous donors like you.

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Muscles for Myeloma

Fitness levels matter greatly for myeloma patients. Doctors are segmenting patients into fit, unfit and frail categories and giving patients treatments based on those status levels. If patients are unfit, they will have fewer treatment options and most likely have worse outcomes. Patients, family, friends and caregivers can join Muscles for Myeloma by Every March-April we invite participants to set their own fitness goal and invite their friends to help them achieve that goal.

We also invite all to join or create fitness events like local walks, runs, zumbathons, relays, etc.  during the course of the year. Any event that gets us moving qualifies. Participants can create their own fundraising page to invite their family and friends to sponsor their page. All funds raised through Muscles for Myeloma is donated to the two MCRI projects.

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