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Nutrition for a Healthy Heart with Dr. Robert Ostfeld, Forks Over Knives Author, July 28 @ 7 pm Eastern

EVENTS - July 20, 2021

Forks Over Knives author Robert Ostfeld, MD, joins the Myeloma Crowd Community nutrition chapter on July 28th @ 7 pm Eastern!    Patients se... Read More

MC Community Event: Clinical Trials for High Risk Smoldering Myeloma Patients

EVENTS - July 07, 2021

On July 5th, 2021, Dr. Jeffrey Zonder joined our MGUS/Smoldering Myeloma Patients Chapter to talk about clinical trials available to the high-risk smoldering my... Read More

MC Community Event: Know Your Myeloma Therapy: BLENREP

EVENTS - June 02, 2021

On May 14th, 2021, Dr. Joshua Richter joined our Immunotherapy Treatment Chapter to explain how BLENREP (belantamab mafodotin-blmf) is being used in the cl... Read More

Join our Next Chapter Event - Clinical Trials

EVENTS - May 29, 2021

Join Diahanna Vallentine, BCPA and Financial Coach as she dives into how to find a clinical trial that may benefit you. She will also discuss the possible out-o... Read More

MC Community Event: How Multiple Myeloma Affects the Black Community with Dr. Craig Cole

EVENTS - May 13, 2021

Dr. Craig Cole, a Black multiple myeloma specialist at the MSU (Michigan State University) Breslin Cancer Center, joined the African American Myeloma Chapter wi... Read More

Precursor Myeloma Patients Can Do More Than Watch and Wait

EVENTS - May 10, 2021

One of the very first experts in the myeloma field that I heard speak was Dr. Irene Ghobrial. I was so impressed by her clear communication and obvious passion ... Read More

Don't Miss this: Getting to Know the Abecma (ide-cel) CAR T Therapy MC Community Event

EVENTS - May 06, 2021

The newly FDA-approved treatment, Abecma (ide-cel) CAR T Therapy, has been a popular topic of myeloma-based meetings and articles in recent months. So... Read More

MC Community Event: Maneuvering the Workplace When You Have Cancer

EVENTS - April 30, 2021

Being diagnosed with myeloma can be overwhelming for so many reasons. In the beginning, you aren't sure how the disease will affect you, how aggressive it m... Read More

MC Community Event: A New Drug for Relapsed/Refractory Myeloma Patients: Melflufen

EVENTS - April 22, 2021

Melflufen (PEPAXTO®) is one of the newest FDA-approved drugs available to relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma patients across the nation. Dr. Agne Pane... Read More

COVID / Myeloma Update with Mike Thompson, MD, PhD on April 7 in New Myeloma Crowd Community Immunotherapy Chapter

EVENTS - March 30, 2021

A groundbreaking new world of immunotherapy is exploding in myeloma. To keep up with the advances (including COVID issues), the Myeloma Crowd Community announce... Read More

#CureinFive Step 1: Growing the Myeloma Community, One Event at a Time

EVENTS - March 02, 2021

The HealthTree Foundation has launched a #CureinFive initiative for March, Myeloma Awareness Month. Step 1 of that initiative is to build and grow the HealthTre... Read More

Muscles for Myeloma March 2021 Fitness Challenge

EVENTS - February 28, 2021

Get moving for myeloma! Commit during Myeloma Awareness Month (March 2021) to become more fit by working out 20 minutes each day, with the team goal of 350,000 ... Read More

Muscles for Myeloma 5K and 1M Race: June 5 in Columbus, OH

EVENTS - February 05, 2021

  Register Today   We are delighted to host the 5th Annual Muscles for Myeloma 5K and 1 Mile Walk in Columbus, Ohio on June 5, 2021. The... Read More

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