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MCRT Webcast: Fixing Disparities in Myeloma — The Key to Unlock Cures for All?

MC ROUND TABLES - May 09, 2021

People with sub-Saharan African ancestry have more than twice the risk of being diagnosed with myeloma than any other population.  According to the most re... Read More

MCRT Webcast: American Society of Hematology Meeting Review (Part 2)

MC ROUND TABLES - March 17, 2021

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting is the most important scientific meeting of the year for the hematology community.  The two part Myeloma C... Read More

MCRT Webcast: American Society of Hematology Meeting Review (Part 1)

MC ROUND TABLES - March 07, 2021

The annual American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting is the most important scientific meeting of the year for the hematology community.  It is held annu... Read More

Learning About Myeloma: Myeloma Crowd Round Tables in 2020

MC ROUND TABLES - February 09, 2021

Sometimes we are compelled to learn about things that we never thought would be important in our lives.  Ask any myeloma patient or caregiver. That&rsqu... Read More

MCRT Webcast: Side Effects of Myeloma Treatment

MC ROUND TABLES - January 29, 2021

Side effects of various myeloma treatments—chemotherapy, bone-strengthening drugs, monoclonal antibodies, transplant—can be as bad or worse than the... Read More

MCRT Webcast: High-Risk Disease Essentials

MC ROUND TABLES - January 16, 2021

High-risk disease poses the most difficult questions in myeloma treatment.  Increasing knowledge about genetics provides information about which targets to... Read More

MCRT Webcast: Why Physicians Are Optimistic About Newly Diagnosed Myeloma

MC ROUND TABLES - January 08, 2021

Fear, uncertainty, and pessimism accompany virtually every cancer diagnosis, especially if most patients, like those with myeloma, have never even heard the wor... Read More

MCRT Webcast: The Promise of CAR T Cell Therapy

MC ROUND TABLES - December 23, 2020

Chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR T) cell therapies are a promising category of many immunotherapies currently being integrated into myeloma treatment. ... Read More

MCRT Webcast: Understanding Myeloma Stem Cell Transplantation

MC ROUND TABLES - December 18, 2020

Autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT) is an essential part of many myeloma patients' treatment strategies.  Among the first questions physicians ... Read More

MCRT Webcast: Making Sense of Myeloma Bone Issues

MC ROUND TABLES - December 05, 2020

Bone pain is often the first symptom myeloma patients experience—often before they have been diagnosed—because bone degeneration is one of the most ... Read More

MCRT Webcast: MGUS and Smoldering Myeloma (SMM)

MC ROUND TABLES - November 03, 2020

Precursor conditions of myeloma may or may not progress to active myeloma, but they must be monitored regularly to determine if they are progressing.  Mono... Read More

MCRT Webcast: Myeloma Imaging

MC ROUND TABLES - October 11, 2020

Imaging techniques like X-rays and early generation MRI were once used to determine the extent of bone damage in myeloma patients—damage done by myeloma c... Read More

MCRT Webcast: Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) Essentials: How Should Patients Interpret Results?

MC ROUND TABLES - October 03, 2020

“As our drugs got better, our need to measure got more important.” Dr. Jeffrey Wolf, UC San Francisco Minimal residual disease (MRD) is fa... Read More

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