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Iberdomide: A Potent New Drug to Treat Revlimid/Pomalyst Resistant Myeloma

MYELOMA NEWS - July 07, 2021

Most multiple myeloma patients will take Revlimid or Pomalyst at some point in their treatment, but many patients can become resistant to these immunomodulators... Read More

Sanofi Teams with Eureka Therapeutics and MSK on GPR5CD Non-CAR Myeloma Treatment

MYELOMA NEWS - July 07, 2021

Sanofi Genzyme has signed a license agreement with Eureka Therapeutics and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for the non-CAR use of a new treatment targeti... Read More

Updates on Melflufen (Pepaxto) in Multiple Myeloma

MYELOMA NEWS - June 30, 2021

Updates on melflufen show that it may kill Velcade-resistant cells and reduce bone-related issues, according to two new studies.  The Myeloma Crowd by H... Read More

EHA 2021: Trends in Multiple Myeloma Care

MYELOMA NEWS - June 29, 2021

A trending message at the recent European Hematology Association (EHA) meeting rejects the idea that "saving the best for last" is a good idea in... Read More

EHA 2021: Transplant Ineligible Myeloma Patients Do Better With the Addition of Daratumumab

MYELOMA NEWS - June 28, 2021

  At the recent European Hematology Association meeting, Jannsen Oncology shared results from the Phase III MAIA study showing that the daratumumab/Re... Read More

ASCO 2021: New Treatment Option for High Risk Myeloma and Plasma Cell Leukemia

MYELOMA NEWS - June 25, 2021

A  report was presented at the most recent conference of the American Society of Clinical Oncology for newly diagnosed patients with Ultra High-R... Read More

A Non-Secretory Myeloma Patient's Outstanding Experience with a New ALK Inhibitor

MYELOMA NEWS - June 24, 2021

In a recent case report by Shahzad Raza, MD from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine and colleagues published in Nature, a patient with no... Read More

ASCO 2021: BiSpecific Antibodies Expand Immunotherapy Options for Relapsed/Refractory Myeloma Patients

MYELOMA NEWS - June 15, 2021

In a prior article, we shared that a new off-the-shelf bispecific antibody targeting BCMA by Janssen (teclistimab) just received Breakthrough Therapy Desig... Read More

New CAR T Therapy Shows 100% Overall Response Rate in Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma

MYELOMA NEWS - June 14, 2021

It is hard to keep up with the recent developments of CAR-T products used in relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (RRMM) patients, but an exciting new CAR-... Read More

ASCO 2021: FDA grants Breakthrough Therapy Designation to Teclistamab, a Bispecific Antibody for Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma

MYELOMA NEWS - June 06, 2021

Teclistamab, an off-the shelf bispecific antibody targeting BCMA by Janssen, has received Breakthrough Therapy Designation from the FDA. This designation f... Read More

Salvage Therapy for Aggressive Types of Multiple Myeloma: Plasma Cell Leukemia and Extramedullary Myeloma

MYELOMA NEWS - June 04, 2021

What is "salvage therapy"? The Dictionary of the National Cancer Institute defines “Salvage Therapy” as “Treatment that is give... Read More

ASCO 2021: Janssen Obtains FDA November 2021 Priority Review Date for Myeloma CAR T Cilta Cel Therapy

MYELOMA NEWS - June 03, 2021

The Janssen CAR T cell therapy, cilta-cel, has been given an FDA priority review date of November 29, 2021 based on data from the CARTITUDE-1 and CARTITUDE... Read More

Early Allo CAR T Results Targeting CS1 in Multiple Myeloma

MYELOMA NEWS - May 24, 2021

Different/new approaches to CAR-T treatment for relapsed/refractory myeloma seem to be in the spotlight several times per month. The interesting news over the p... Read More

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