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Five Steps You Can Take During September 2018: Blood Cancer Awareness Month
Posted: Sep 07, 2018
Five Steps You Can Take During September 2018: Blood Cancer Awareness Month image

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month!

This month the Myeloma Crowd will be sharing exciting news and programs to inspire and motive myeloma patients and caregivers. Multiple myeloma is quickly becoming the #1 blood cancer as more people are diagnosed with myeloma and patients live longer. Many research advances are giving us incredible hope, but until a cure is available to all, we will continue to do what is necessary to help accelerate a cure and support myeloma patients along their journey. 

Here are five simple things YOU can do in the month of September to help myeloma patients and spread awareness of multiple myeloma: 


A simple post on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed can go a long way in sharing awareness about multiple myeloma. Here are some articles and links you can share with friends, family and others this month. Copy and paste them on your social media and make it a goal to share all of them during September! 


  1. Dr. Jim Omel's story about how common symptoms like fatigue and back pain can actually be multiple myeloma
  2. What is multiple myeloma?
  3. Signs and symptoms of multiple myeloma
  4. How multiple myeloma is diagnosed
  5. Myeloma patients are all unique! The different types of multiple myeloma
  6. A mid-year update on multiple myeloma research with Dr. Paul Richardson

Stay Active

This month, we'll be sharing 8 articles on because fitness matters in myeloma. The more fit you are, the more able you are to receive optimal therapies including treatments like stem cell transplant and three or more drug combinations. If you don't have a fitness program, this is the month to start. The intensity or activity can be adapted to an appropriate level, based on your needs. Keep an eye out for our fitness articles throughout the month. These articles should be motivating and help get you to where you want to be. 



The Myeloma Crowd is introducing a new volunteer program that we'll share more on later this month. If you want to give back to your fellow myeloma patients, email us at We'll be looking for volunteers who want to volunteer 8 or more hours per month in their local communities. 



The Myeloma Crowd website has many articles on a wide variety of myeloma topics. Click the link to see a host of articles in each of the following categories and get up-to-speed on the latest in multiple myeloma! 


  1. Myeloma News articles
  2. Life with Myeloma articles
  3. Myeloma Clinical Trial articles
  4. Myeloma 101 articles
  5. Myeloma Crowd Radio shows with Myeloma experts

Stay Tuned

The Myeloma Crowd will be announcing new programs and services during the month of September, so stay tuned!



The author Jennifer Ahlstrom

about the author
Jennifer Ahlstrom

Myeloma survivor, patient advocate, wife, mom of 6. Believer that patients can help accelerate a cure by weighing in and participating in clinical research. Founder of Myeloma Crowd by HealthTree and the HealthTree Foundation.

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