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Lessons from COVID-19 to Improve our Health and Life with Myeloma
Posted: May 28, 2020
Lessons from COVID-19 to Improve our Health and Life with Myeloma image

The past few months we have traversed foreign territory.  Will we emerge from the pandemic as a better person?  As we recognize and apply the lessons learned we can become stronger and healthier.  These lessons can also improve our life with myeloma.

1. Continue to Build Resilience

  • Challenges strengthen our resilience and capacity to cope with change and adversity.
  • Focusing on what we can control gives us power and confidence.
  • Using stress management tools will help us effectively cope with current as well as future challenges.  
  • Activities such as deep breathing, positive thinking, and goal setting will help us increase our resilience.  

2. Practice Gratitude

  • What we focus on grows and expands.
  • Choosing gratitude can directly impact our health.
  • Staying home allowed us to simplify our lives.  Continue focusing on the people and things that matter most.

3. Seek support when needed

  • Connection with family and friends has tempered social isolation.  Video chats or phone calls with those living near or far, socially distant chats with neighbors on our porch, or on walks in our neighborhood have brought comfort and essential connection.
  • Talking with someone who can relate to our circumstances can often make a significant difference in our ability to cope. To talk to another with myeloma who can understand and relate click here

4.  Take charge of your own health

  • Advocate for and prioritize your health and wellness (follow prevention guidelines for all illnesses)
  • Make and keep regular health check ups with your primary care provider.  Don’t let these lapse due to COVID-19.
  • Don’t neglect myeloma treatment.  Keep up to date with medications, as well as vaccinations.   Recent data suggests regular tests, screenings, and standard medical care are falling victim to the COVID-19 pandemic 

5.  Examine your risk factors and make intentional daily choices to improve your health

  • A recent article shared research and statistics of who is at greater risk for COVID-19.  The results indicate those with hypertension, obesity and diabetes fall into a higher risk category.
  • Work to counteract the impact of obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  Make daily choices to manage, decrease and control these conditions to improve your health.   Improve your diet and increase your physical activity.  Work to combat a sedentary lifestyle by becoming more active.  Even 10-15 minutes of activity a day can make a difference. 

Challenging times can evoke innovation and inspiration. Choose to take the lessons and experiences from  COVID-19 to motivate you to seek out and  embrace personal health and wellness in all aspects of your life.

The author Rozalynn Hite

about the author
Rozalynn Hite

Rozalynn Hite is the Myeloma Coach Director and wife of myeloma patient Richard Hite. Rozalynn is an occupational therapist and mother of three beautiful children.

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