Muscles for Myeloma – Together We Are Stronger - March 2020
Posted: Mar 12, 2020
Muscles for Myeloma – Together We Are Stronger - March 2020 image

March is Multiple Myeloma Awareness month! We know how crucial health and fitness can be for  myeloma patients, so this month we are encouraging patients to get active through our Muscles for Myeloma Fitness Challenge! The challenge is simple – do something active for 20 minutes every day in the month of March.

By using a group fitness app called MoveSpring, a community of myeloma patients and caregivers are coming together to build connections, motivate one another, and become a group dedicated to living healthier lives one day at a time. The group goal was set as 80,000 active minutes (active = elevated heart rate for extended period) for the month.

By DAY ONE of the challenge, we had 212 participants sign up for the challenge. In a few short days, we were blown away by the efforts of each participant who were motivated and surpassing their own goals! Interactions between participants included comments like,

“I haven’t done this much activity since I was diagnosed! So glad to be a part of this group! Let’s keep going strong.”

“I’m so inspired by this group, especially so many under full blow active treatment. As a long-term survivor (almost 13 years), stable with rev maintenance and in good physical state, I’m really awed by your efforts.”

By DAY 10 and due to some incredible work on behalf of the patients and caregivers, we have already reached the following stats:

  • 6,966,000 steps
  • 44,466 active minutes (741 hours)
  • 3,006 miles (distance from San Francisco to New York City)

We are already halfway to our goal as patients and caregivers!

Motivation is contagious and accountability is powerful. Having a group of people with similar goals creates a synergy that makes the things that were once difficult become easy. We have seen that it can be encouraging for patients and caregivers to work towards the same goal.

We are working hard and hoping to maintain the same motivation we have seen these last ten days! Thank you to all our patients and caregivers for participating and reminding us that TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

Additional comments from our Challenge Chat:

“Today was my first exercise... for the challenge! Walked a very slow 1.1 miles, lots of huffing and puffing from the clots, but a moral victory.”

This is just what I needed to get me back to a daily exercise routine. I’m newly diagnosed SMM... Good luck to everyone.

“I was diagnosed the Wednesday before Thanksgiving 2018 and have had a stem cell transplant and am doing well. I have a great support system in place, and I love reading everyone’s stories so please keep them coming. Good luck to all and good luck with your journey. Life is good!”

Whether you are participating in the Challenge or working towards your own personal goals, let’s continue to work together to build “Muscles for Myeloma” and remember that there are incredible benefits to staying active and healthy.

The Muscles for Myeloma 20 minute Fitness Challenge has been joined by over 200 myeloma patients who have already logged over 52,231 minutes of exercise since March 1. Join us to help us reach 80,000 in total minutes! Prizes for patients and caregivers will be given in multiple categories.

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