Takeda Oncology's 1Point Patient Assistance Program
Takeda Oncology's 1Point Patient Assistance Program image
Takeda Oncology's 1Point Patient Assistance Program
Posted Mar 28, 2019

There are several patient assistance programs available by pharmaceutical companies but many patients don’t know that they exist. Takeda Oncology has a program called Takeda 1Point that can help you obtain financial assistance. Here’s more about what the program covers and how you access the help. 

If You’re Waiting on Insurance Approval

If you are going to be taking Ninlaro (ixazomib) but you are waiting for your insurance company to approve the medication and you need to start treatment right away and have waited for more than 5 days, your doctor can submit a request for a 30-day supply.

To apply for this assistance, download the 1Point Rapid Start Request Form and sign it along with your physician before you submit it. 

If You Have Private Insurance and Need Co-Pay Assistance

The Takeda 1Point Program can provide co-pay assistance which ensures that it costs no more than $10 per prescription with a maximum benefit of up to $25,000 per year (you can re-enroll each year). This applies only to patients who have private insurance (not Medicaid or Medicare). There are no annual household income restrictions. This does not apply for Medicare or Medicaid patients. 

To apply for this assistance, click here or call 1-844-T1POINT (1-844-817-6468).

If Your Private Insurance Doesn’t Provide Coverage OR You Have No Insurance

Takeda will cover the cost of Ninlaro if your insurance company refuses to cover it OR if you have no insurance at all. This assistance is based on household income (the criteria is not public information) so you will need to apply each year for coverage. They will check in with you monthly to make sure no insurance changes have been made. 

To apply for this assistance, click here to download the application form and follow the directions on the form.

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