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Myeloma Clinical Trials Explained: CLR-131

Written by Melissa McMahon, SparkCures

At SparkCures, our mission is to help people with multiple myeloma find, understand and connect with their clinical trial options. In line with this mission to help people better understand trials, we are thrilled to introduce a new video series today called “Myeloma Trials Explained”. Our goal with this series is to break down the investigational therapies being tested across the US including how they work and what patients can expect if they decide to participate.

We have set an internal goal to create a video for each myeloma trial in our system. Our first video is featured below and helps to break down a phase 2 clinical trial evaluating CLR-131 in patients with multiple myeloma and certain lymphomas. CLR-131 is a new type of therapy called a phospholipid drug conjugate. And don’t worry if you have no idea what that means, this video series will help you understand at a high level how this treatment works to kill cancer cells.


Link to Trial


As this is a new initiative, we welcome any and all feedback. If you have any questions or have thoughts on information that we can include in future videos, please comment and share your thoughts.

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