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Need help with pricey medication co-pays?

BY LIZZY SMITH Co-pays for medications can be staggering. Recently, we heard from one patient whose co-pay for a month Revlimid was over $5,000. The good news is that there is help, and applying is simple, usually requiring a single phone call. Oftentimes, approval is given right over the phone within minutes. In the case of our patient, she was approved for a $10,000 grant for 12 months in just a few minutes. Here are four excellent resources for myeloma patients to help get you started. Chronic Disease Fund 877-968-7233 press option #0 Approvals are granted same-day. Patients must have medical insurance coverage, been prescribed a medication that is part of the CDF Formulary and meet program income criteria. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 877-557-2672 The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Co-Pay Assistance Program helps pay insurance premiums and meet co-pay obligations. It also finds additional sources of financial aid. The Co-Pay Assistance Program offers financial help toward:

  • Blood cancer treatment-related co-payments
  • Private health insurance premiums
  • Medicare Part B, Medicare Plan D, Medicare Supplementary Health Insurance, Medicare Advantage premium, Medicaid Spend-down or co-pay obligations

For myeloma, there is up to $10,000 in assistance for those who qualify:

  • Have a household income that is at or below 500 percent of the U.S. federal poverty guidelines as adjusted by the Cost of Living Index (COLI)
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. or Puerto Rico and be medically and financially qualified
  • Have prescription insurance coverage
  • Have an LLS Co-Pay Assistance Program-covered blood cancer diagnosis confirmed by a doctor (see covered diagnoses listed above)
Patient Access Network Foundation

866-316-7263 Up to $10,000 per year to help cover medication co-pays. To qualify, patients must meet these criteria:

  • Insured and insurance covers the medication for which the patient seeks assistance
  • The medication must treat the disease directly
  • Patient's income must be below a designated percentage of the Federal Poverty Level, depending on individual fund requirements
  • Patient is prescribed a high cost drug for the disease, depending on individual fund requirements
  • Patient must reside and receive treatment in the US. They do not need to be a US citizen
Celgene Patient Support

800-931-8691 Celgene offers the following support to qualifying patiens:

  • Co-pay Assistance: Patients may be eligible for help to reduce medication co-pays to $25 or less. This depends on the insurance coverage and what Celgene medication the patient’s doctor has prescribed
  • Celgene Free Medication Program: Patients who don't currently have any health insurance or enough insurance to cover the cost of medication, may qualify for free Celgene medications
  • Transportation Assistance: Celgene Patient Support can help locate options to assist with the costs of traveling to and from a doctor's office
Lizzy Smith
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Lizzy Smith - Lizzy Smith was diagnosed with myeloma in 2012 at age 44. Within days, she left her job, ended her marriage, moved, and entered treatment. "To the extent I'm able, I want to prove that despite life's biggest challenges, it is possible to survive and come out stronger than ever," she says.


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