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COVID / Myeloma Update with Mike Thompson, MD, PhD on April 7 in New Myeloma Crowd Community Immunotherapy Chapter

A groundbreaking new world of immunotherapy is exploding in myeloma. To keep up with the advances (including COVID issues), the Myeloma Crowd Community announces a new Immunotherapy Chapter with monthly events. We invite you to join that chapter to stay aware of all things immunotherapy and myeloma. 


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You might not realize it, but immunotherapy is not a new type of treatment in multiple myeloma. Allogeneic stem cell transplant is the "original" immunotherapy, replacing a patient's immune system with a completely new immune system from a donor. While allo transplant is not regularly used in myeloma, a flood of new immunotherapies like CAR T cell therapies, bispecific antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, vaccines and nk cell therapies now entering the myeloma clinic, immunotherapy treatment options are expanding exponentially. 

In addition to new myeloma treatment therapy, our world has been upended by the COVID pandemic, another issue of the immune system. We are launching this new chapter with a timely update about COVID-19 and to better understand your experiences with COVID, we also invite you to join our active COVID-11 / Myeloma Study in HealthTree. 

Join us for the Vaccines, COVID-19, and Myeloma with Dr. Mike Thompson event on Wednesday, April 7th at 4 PM EDT to learn about COVID / Myeloma topics of interest for multiple myeloma patients. Now that vaccines have made their way onto the scene, Dr. Thompson of will help answer questions such as:  

  • Is the COVID-19 vaccine going to "work" on me as a myeloma patient? 
  • If I have already gotten COVID-19, do I have antibodies? How do I test for that? 
  • How long should I wait after my Stem Cell Transplant or CAR T therapy before I get the vaccine? 
  • Should I even worry about getting the vaccine if I have a Stem Cell Transplant or immunotherapy treatment scheduled? 


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Future events in the Myeloma Crowd Community Immunotherapy Chapter will cover important and practical discussions such as the newly approved CAR T therapy (bb2121 ide-cel CAR T), bispecific antibodies, monoclonal antibodies and learning about BLENREP to name a few. 


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In the meantime, if you have questions about what multiple myeloma specialists and other experts have said about the COVID-19 Vaccine, check out these articles: 

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