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About 10-20% of multiple myeloma patients will develop a condition called amyloidosis during the course of their disease. Amyloidosis is a disease caused by protein buildup in organs such as the heart, kidneys, liver or intestines, leading to organ damage and complications associated with some multiple myeloma treatments.There are three major types of amyloidosis: primary, secondary, and hereditary.  Each type of amyloidosis is classified by its underlying causes and the type of protein that accumulates in organs.

Primary amyloidosis is the most common form and occurs with multiple myeloma. The cause is unknown but the disease starts in the bone marrow. Fragments of abnormal antibodies (called light chains) stick to each other and accumulate in organs in the body.

Heather Landau, MD of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center joins us for this episode of Myeloma Crowd Radio to discuss the latest therapies and clinical trials for amyloidosis patients.

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  1. The biggest concern with Amyloidosis I have is diagnosing it. Do you have to have organ failure before it can be biopsied and diagnosed? I had SMM for 3 years and now under treatment for MM but I have bilateral neuropathy in both legs and carpal tunnel both hands as well as splenomagly, gastro issues and tachacardia. Just finished two cycles with no relief. What does amyloidis look like on a myeloma blood panel?

  2. Great listening to this, am a Amy AL Renal patient DX on 2012. Underwent a ASCT and recently a 3 cycle of Carfilzomib/Dex (Sept-Nov 2016). Kidneys are going up and down …
    Live in the Netherlands and trials over here are not so popular as in the US. Not many Amy patients?
    Would it be possible to be part of a US trial?
    Best Regars
    L. R. Stolker

    • Jenny A

      Louis, great question. I think you would need to contact the individual investigators to ask that question. It will depend on the trial drugs, what insurance covers and doesn’t, etc.

    • Jenny A

      Hi Peter, we know that they are not the same. You can have amyloidosis with and without MM. Dr. Landau was great on the show and I’m looking forward to posting once I get the whole transcript.

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