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CAR T therapy is becoming a hot area of early clinical trials for multiple myeloma patients, but most are personally customized for each patient. A company called Cellectis has developed an off-the-shelf CAR T that every patient can use. Instead of being an "autologous" CAR T treatment (where you use your own cells), this is also called an "allogeneic" CAR T, or a "donor" CAR T.

Many of the current CAR T therapies are going after a target called b-cell maturation antigen (BCMA). This It is going after a different target called CS1/SLAMF7. Learn more about this new treatment (called UCARTCS1) from David Siegel, MD, PhD of Hackensack University / John Theurer Cancer Center and how it will be used in early myeloma clinical trials. 

Dr. Siegel is chief of the division of multiple myeloma at the John Theurer Cancer Center in Hackensack, New Jersey and has made the facility one of the premier myeloma academic centers in the country. Dr. Siegel is also clinical professor of medicine at the New York University Medical Center. Dr. Siegel’s research has almost exclusively focused on multiple myeloma and has been published in many leading medical journals including Nature, The New England Journal of Medicine, Blood and Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Dr. Siegel served as a lead investigator of a pivotal phase 2B study involving 30 cancer centers in North America that lead to the FDA fast-track approval of Kyprolis or carfilzomib for relapse multiple myeloma patients. Dr. Siegel is also one of the eleven investigators nationwide who brought the chemo agent Velcade to his patients through his clinical trials. 

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