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Patient Power: Cherie Rineker's Post-CAR T-Cell Trial for Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma patient Cherie Rineker gives Patient Power an inside look into her experience with CAR T-cell clinical trial. She shares the highs and lows of being in a clinical trial and provides insight into how clinical trials can provide tomorrow's medicine today. "I have done 13 different treatments for multiple myeloma. By the thirteenth treatment, I realized I was not a curable cancer patient, I was a terminal cancer patient." It was a frightening time for Cherie and her family, but she found hope in the CAR-T cell treatments. Cherie had read a lot about the CAR-T and everything seemed to be so positive. She went to her doctor and said, "I want to do it!" Although there were some barriers regarding treatment availability and the possible side effects, Cherie began treatment. Cherie shares her journey as a CAR-T cell patient, and the miracles along the way. In her own words, Cherie said:

"After the CAR-T, my myeloma had plummeted to below normal, and that never happened. Now I finally feel like I can call myself cancer-free in the blood."

For more information, please visit Patient Power.

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