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Patient Power: New Treatment Strategies for High-Risk Patients

We know that myeloma specialists use today's available treatments to personalize therapy for their patients. For high-risk myeloma patients, there is an even bigger need to give the right amount of treatment at the right time to keep them in remission. Expert Dr. Sagar Lonial has experience with treating high-risk myeloma and explains that the goal is to make the outcomes look like standard-risk patients rather than high-risk. His counsel to achieve this ideal was this:

“The key for high-risk disease is trying to keep it under control for as long as you can and maximize that duration of first remission” by using “combination maintenance approach”, such as Velcade and Revlimid for three years.

There are a lot of exciting new treatment additions, such as antibodies, that are being considered and tested. But for the time being, myeloma experts agree that the combination maintenance approach is the best option for high-risk patients.

Are There New Treatment Strategies for High-Risk Myeloma Patients? from Patient Power on Vimeo.


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