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SparkCures New Clinical Trial Patient Worksheet Guides Through Trial Exploration

At SparkCures, we are dedicated to helping myeloma patients discover their clinical trial options. We know that navigating the ever changing clinical trial landscape is difficult, and we want to make this process as easy as possible for our patients. With this goal in mind, we have created a Clinical Trial Patient Worksheet to help guide you through clinical trial exploration.

We often hear from patients that they don’t know how to start, or what to ask, in a conversation with their doctor about clinical trials. The first section of our worksheet presents helpful questions that patients can ask their doctor to gather information about trials, as well as questions to ask study centers about resources and assistance that may be available.

Once the conversation with your doctor has begun, the next most important part of navigating clinical trial options is ensuring that you have collected the important data that will help us to determine your eligibility. The second part of our worksheet is a form that makes collecting this data fast and simple. It asks about the most common eligibility criteria we find in myeloma clinical trials, including lab work, prior lines of therapy, and transplants.

SparkCures: HealthTree

Take our worksheet to your next myeloma specialist appointment, gather your information, and you can then use it to create (or update) your SparkCures or Healthtree account. We run a brand new search for all of our patients, every day, against every trial in our system - so having updated information helps us to find you the most appropriate, personalized matches. You can find and print our worksheet here, or you can call us at (888) 828-2206, and we would be happy to help.

Download Clinical Trial Worksheet

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