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Support for Myeloma Patients During COVID-19

Free Masks for Myeloma Patients


The Myeloma Crowd is providing support, news and information for myeloma patients during the COVID-19 situation. Many myeloma patients already know how to take precautions during this time - wearing masks, extra hand washing, home sterilization procedures and social distancing during times of immnosuppression. 

Here you'll find links to COVID-specific topics, radio programs and meetings with myeloma experts on this important topic. 

Karyopharm donates free masks for multiple myeloma and other patients

Vitamin D levels play a role in COVID-19 mortality rates

Vitamin D deficiency affects overall survival of multiple myeloma patients

Myeloma Crowd introduces the largest COVID-19 multiple myeloma study

How a Myeloma Coach can help during COVID-19

Who is really at risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes? Common risk factors mean it could be you. 

How the COVID-19 virus spreads in indoor spaces

COVID-19 and cancer patient risk: Memorial Sloan Kettering findings

Full Show: COVID-19 and what multiple myeloma patients need to know with Joshua Richter

Full Show: COVID-19 update with Ola Landgren, MD, PHD, MSKCC

Blood-based MRD tessting advances in multiple myeloma

Simple COVID-19 strategies - wear a mask

Mayo Clinic experts release COVID-19 recommendations

Karyopharm launches multiple myeloma drug selinexor in COVID-19 clinical trial

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